Change is Good! Out With the Old & In With the New.

Just like the human body, we like to be in a state of homeostasis: a balanced state of well-being. We like things to stay the same, but sometimes change is good. I venture to say that self-induced change is wonderful when it comes to fitness. Our bodies are designed to be as efficient as possible, so when we do the same thing over and over, our muscles seem to say, “Meh, I am just going to go through the motions.”

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Outdoors in the Hill Country Winter

With the often-mild winters we see in the Kendall County area, there’s plenty of time to remain active in and around Cordillera Ranch. Hunting is the most popular winter outdoor activity, but there are many other options.

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Cordillera Cares Puts Community First

The inaugural year of The Cordillera Cares mission has been incredibly successful. Charlie Hill announced the initiative in July with a YouTube video highlighting the three organizations that Cordillera Cares would support in 2022: Hill Country Family Services, Boerne Blaze and Kendall County Sheriff’s Foundation. The committee, made up of Brianna Botine, Victoria DeRocher, Amy Schoemaker and Kathi Spink, coordinate the different projects and organize our Cordillera Ranch team.

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