The Building Legacy: Commitment to Excellence and Community

Drew Henry

Burdick Custom Homes stands as a model for excellence in luxury home building, renowned for their craftsmanship and dedication to client satisfaction. Since its inception in 1989, Burdick Custom Homes has set the gold standard for bespoke residential architecture in San Antonio and carried their legacy throughout Cordillera Ranch as a Preferred Builder for over 20 years. But what is the secret recipe to their proven success and reputation in the community? It comes down to a few guiding principles and one key measure of a job well done.

The Burdick Team: A Family Affair

The Burdick Custom Homes team operates with the bond and dedication of a true family because some of them are! “We’re more than just colleagues; we’re a tight-knit family,” revealed President Alexia Herber, noting Senior Project Manager Dave Herber is her husband and Estimator Jordan Herber is her son. Other long-term employees include Office Manager Tanya Kirkpatrick who joined Burdick back in 1998 and Brooke Davidson, who originally joined Burdick as a Sales Counselor in 1998 and recently returned as Director of Operations.  Michelle Kossl, Quality Control Manager, joined Burdick in 2017. Tracy Harris, Director of Client Relations began working for Burdick back in 2013 after a long career as a Cordillera Ranch Sales Counselor.  After a lengthy health battle, he returned in 2020.

Rick DeLeon, who worked for many years as a contractor for Burdick joined the team as a Project Manager in 2022 and Maria Trevino, Marketing Coordinator, is the newest addition although she worked with the team for many years as an employee of a major developer. Barbara Burger, Owner of Studio Domaine has been instrumental in their success over the years and does all of their interior design in Cordillera Ranch. “We are only as good as our team. We have researched and recruited some of the best in the industry whom we have known or dealt with for years,” acknowledged Company Founder, Chairman and CEO Art Burdick.

“Our bond goes beyond the workplace,” continued Alexia. “We genuinely care about each other and our respective families. This sense of camaraderie extends to our jobs and client relationships, fostering an environment where everyone is willing to lend a hand wherever needed. We’re all fully committed to ensuring client satisfaction, reflecting the dedication instilled by Art and myself.”

A Philosophy Rooted in Service

Burdick Custom Homes’ philosophy is simple yet impactful: prioritize the client’s best interests above all else, which encapsulates both product and service. Quality is more important to them than quantity. Unlike most builders, they limit their geographical area and the number of homes they feel they can expertly handle at one time. Art explained, “We do not consider ourselves to be a “Construction Company.” We are providing a luxury service to demanding and discerning customers. Their happiness is our objective. Designing and constructing a fabulous home for a fair price that the owner is overjoyed with is how we accomplish our goal.”

The Burdick team calls this the “Art Burdick Way,” and through his guidance has embraced his ethos of prioritizing the client’s best interests, even when it impacts profitability. Alexia said, “If you always do what is right for the customer, you will be rewarded with referral business and a reputation that sustains your existence.”

There’s a Reason to Share This Reputation

Art’s deep-rooted involvement in the community underscores the company’s core philosophy. Tracy shared, “If you know Art, he has standards and expectations that are unwavering. Art is a giver, not just to everyday charities and promotions, but to the bigger picture items that will affect generations to come.”

This philanthropic spirit is evident in the company’s numerous charitable endeavors. The Burdick team has raised significant funds for organizations such as Roy Maas Youth Alternatives.  They contributed to and built the Burdick Community Center on the Boerne RMYA Campus, which was named in honor of Art’s mother and father.  Another notable contribution was a donation of $103,245 to SAMMinistries, generated from the proceeds of one of their property sales. These initiatives are collaborative efforts involving everyone on the team, with financial implications for all. Alexia and the entire team donate their time as well to worthy causes including Agora Ministries and the Greater San Antonio Builder’s Associations Annual Thanksgiving Lunch for our troops. Alexia added, “Art’s dedication to giving back to the community resonates with us all.” The Burdick team is currently working on a fundraiser to be held at their Model Home at 3728 Clubs Drive on July 20, 2024, for the Bergheim Volunteer Fire Department, which directly impacts the Cordillera Ranch community.

Recognized Excellence

Burdick Custom Homes stands as a leader within the industry, being named the #1 Homebuilder in San Antonio by Homebuilder Digest as well as receiving numerous accolades from peers and industry bodies throughout the years.  Brooke attributes this achievement to consistency in all they do, saying, “We don’t strive to win one award. Every relationship and every home that we build is a testament to our team’s desire to be the best.”

Being a Preferred Builder in the prestigious Cordillera Ranch community is a testament to Burdick’s stellar reputation. Tracy proudly stated, “Cordillera has investigated, vetted and researched the builders that make up the Preferred Builder Program. We consider it an honor to know that our philosophy is appreciated when it comes to our reputation, craftsmanship and warranty of standing behind our homeowners.” 

Crafting Timeless Homes

For nearly four decades, Burdick Custom Homes has been masterfully crafting luxury residences using a holistic approach that ensures every home is not only visually stunning but also integrates with the environment. “We consider all aspects of the project to meet our clients’ objectives,” Alexia said. “Our homes are always designed to blend seamlessly with the natural landscape, enhancing the beauty of the surroundings.”

This also includes diversifying architectural styles. Brooke explained, “We appreciate that people have different preferences and tastes. We cater to all styles while focusing on uniqueness, attention to detail and quality.” These styles are often influenced by Tuscan, Old World and French country design principles, striking a balance between contemporary trends and timeless appeal. Overall, Alexia believes, “Functionality of design and flow are critical components in a house that will age well and be considered timeless. Natural materials, quality cabinetry, neutral pallets, lots of natural light, and versatile design elements that can easily be updated are also essential.”

The Real Key to Success: A Client-Centric Approach

The secret to Burdick’s success isn’t that secret. Art attributes it to a straightforward principle: “Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list,” he said, adding. “It is an honor to be entrusted with the responsibility of designing and building a family’s new home. We take great happiness in seeing the pleasure of each person once they live in their new Burdick home. The greatest compliment we can receive is when our clients come back for their second, third or fourth home, or when they refer us to their family and friends.”

 Burdick Custom Homes  

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