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Kimberly A. Suta
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David Teran

Courtney LeHew and Scott Farber moved to Cordillera Ranch this past summer — officially the new kids on the block, and there’s little doubt this vibrant young professional couple, along with their five-year-old son, will bring with them a breath of fresh air.

“We were used to living in apartments our whole adult life [in St. Louis and Manhattan], so we wanted a piece of property that had some land,” shared Scott.

Courtney added, “Funny story from the first day we met up with Carey Yeager to see the property — as we came over the hill from the Visitors Center and got sight of the view for the first time, Scott said, ‘I have chills.’ I said, ‘I know, me too!’ referring to the view. Then he replied, ‘No, I mean I’m sick.’” 

Although they had to abort that visit, they came back a few weeks later and found exactly what they were looking for. They ended up buying one of the original houses in the community, which was about 20 years old. 

“The exterior was beautiful but the interior needed updating,” explained Scott. “We took the house down to the studs — that’s why it took a long time to renovate, but the property came with a pool, tennis court and basketball court, so our son has plenty of room to run around.”

According to the couple, they could not have come from more disparate backgrounds. Scott was born in NYC and grew up on Long Island. The 9/11 terrorist attacks monumentally changed his life and fueled his natural patriotism. 

This led to his work as a volunteer firefighter in Syosset, NY, while attending medical school. He also worked for several years in the FDNY EMS system as an EMT in New York City before moving to St. Louis for his residency. 

He completed residency training in plastic surgery at Washington University in St. Louis, followed by a fellowship at NYU, further specializing in facial reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. During this time, he was able to participate in a rare surgery that took an extraordinary 25 hours to complete. “I did a face transplant on a young man in 2018 whose face was destroyed from a gunshot wound. I was one of six surgeons and a team of 40 or 50 people who helped transplant the face, from the tongue and jaw to the teeth, muscles, nerves … everything,” recalled Scott. “The surgery went great, and the last time I heard from him, he had just bought a house and had a girlfriend.” 

Scott also served as an officer and a surgeon in the U.S. Navy and performed reconstructive surgeries on wounded warriors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. In 2020, he was deployed to NYC during the U.S. military response to the COVID-19 pandemic and helped run an ICU full of critically ill COVID patients with other Navy doctors.  

On the other hand, Courtney lived a nomadic life growing up as an Air Force brat. She spent her early childhood in Oklahoma and Texas, specifically San Antonio. “I loved the four years I lived in San Antonio. Memories of Selena and Dwight Yoakam music, barbecue and Tex-Mex, and Hill Country campouts and day trips all left an indelible mark on me. For years to come, the San Antonio area felt as close to a home as a military brat can claim,” shared Courtney. 

However, her mother’s Air Force career took her to foreign lands, including two tours in Germany. They traveled often, as her parents made it their mission to introduce their children to as many new places, foods and cultures as possible during that exciting time.  

After graduating high school in Germany, Courtney returned to the U.S. to pursue her higher education, ultimately entering medical school at Washington University in St. Louis, which is where, you guessed it, she met a handsome young doctor by the name of Scott Farber. 

On the night of her 30th birthday, Courtney was working a typical, busy graveyard shift, when a case arose that required emergency surgery. She paged the surgery resident on-call and was pleasantly surprised to see Dr. Farber respond. She had certainly noticed him around the hospital, but he had seemed too serious and intimidating to approach. Unbeknownst to Courtney, he had noticed her as well and was glad for the opportunity to talk to her. “Interestingly, I felt the same way about her. She was kind of a unicorn — tall, beautiful and a doctor, so obviously very intelligent — so she was intimidating to me as well,” Scott elaborated. 

A week later, they had their first date and Scott showed up in cowboy boots. Courtney was immediately smitten. “I soon learned that he also loves country music, barbecue and guns. A man after my own Texas-loving heart!” she exclaimed. It wasn’t long before they tied the knot. 

Currently, Courtney works part-time as an ER physician in the emergency departments around San Antonio and Boerne, while Scott now has a private practice, Hill Country Plastic Surgery, where he focuses on cosmetic plastic surgery. He’s also joined the Bergheim Volunteer Fire Department. 

The couple’s shared passion for the often intense and fast-paced medical field comes with its challenges, but thankfully their son is always there to help. “When we have those rough days, he can often tell. He’s very empathetic and will go out of his way to give us extra hugs and tells us it will be okay,” shared Courtney. “We’ve seen the worst possible things that can happen, and it makes you appreciate your family. Coming home to see him and Courtney after a tough day at work made that day so much better,” Scott added. 

The two also share numerous hobbies and interests, from hanging out at the Clubhouse pool with their friends, going to museums and concerts, and traveling. 

“We like to be active; to be outside whenever possible. We love to travel and try new things, like craft cocktails. We have an extensive collection of spirits and built a bar in the house so we can make our own craft cocktails,” said Courtney. 

The couple also loves going to the gym together and have plans to eventually take advantage of the golf course — take some golf, and even tennis, lessons together. Courtney also hopes to join the Club’s women’s golf group, Chicks & Sticks, as she’s thoroughly enjoyed the other group activities available at the Ranch, including the Women’s Bible Study and the Cellar Club wine dinners.

“We looked all around the country for comparable places like The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch, but there’s nothing like it. It’s not just the golf course — we have the river, shooting range, equestrian center,” noted Scott. “It struck us as a special place since the first day we went to the Club. It’s the sense of community and the fact that everyone we’ve met is so friendly and so happy to be here,” added Courtney. 

You can expect to see this phenomenal new family around the neighborhood, getting involved in more local activities, whether they be at Cordillera Ranch or nearby Boerne. 

If you do, make sure to ask them what their secret is to a happy marriage. Scott might tell you it’s about communication and making time for each other. Courtney might add that it’s making sure your partner knows that you respect them. 

Yet, it might just be their unique perspective on how precious life truly is that shines the way, not to mention the ability to make some incredible craft cocktails! 

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