Gary Short, Director of Real Estate Sales

Making a decision to buy real estate can be a tough, complicated and, 

at times, stressful process. There are a myriad of questions and thoughts that go into making a choice of where, when and what to buy, like:

  “Is this location right for us?”

  “Does the concept of the community fit our lifestyle?”

  “Is the timing right for our family?”

These are all valid questions that I’ve watched folks work through over the years while going through their decision-making processes. However, the one question that seems to come up more consistently than any other question is, “Who is the developer, what have they done, and what are they going to leave me with?”

In my opinion, it’s the single most important and thoughtful question anyone looking to purchase in a planned or private development can ask. Think about it, and by no means is this meant to discount any other questions/concerns that people may consider, but what could be more important to protecting a buyer’s investment in and enjoyment of a community, than the quality and track record of its developer? 

For some people, the early unknown is a risk they’re willing to take given the “payoff” later down the line if everything is completed as planned. For others, a more cautious, prove-it-to-me approach is the prudent method. For those at Cordillera Ranch, the value of having a solid and stable developer has been realized from beginning to current day, satisfying the innovators and early adopters to the late majority.

The question, “What can you tell me about your developer?” is one that is more than welcomed here at Cordillera Ranch. Every amenity, from the Clubhouse to the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course to the Equestrian Center, has been delivered as promised. Miles of roads have been paved and approximately 1,400 homesites have been delivered and purchased. 

So, when you ask us, “Who is your developer?” we not only have a compelling answer, but we have a great story to tell as well. 

If you’d like to understand more about Cordillera Ranch’s developer, DHI, and the history of the two families behind Cordillera Ranch, I encourage you to visit “The Developer” page under the “Life Out Here” tab at CordilleraRanch.com and watch our Founders’ Video. 

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