The Center Serving as a Village of Support for 40 Years

Four decades into serving older adults, The Center, formerly known as the Rainbow Senior Center at Kronkosky Place, is paving the way for how to age well. Rebranding as The Center in 2022 was a strategic effort to encompass a more comprehensive mindset around aging. With 25% of Kendall County’s population aged 60 and above, The Center is adapting to the changing needs and interests of this vibrant community by providing a variety of programs inclusive for all social, health and lifestyle needs.

As the sole provider of home-delivered meals, The Center’s Meals on Wheels of Kendall County (MOW) program provides unique daily opportunities to meet nutritional needs, combat social isolation, address safety hazards, and provide holistic care. Every Meals on Wheels program nationwide serves the same goal, however, each one operates and fundraises independently within their service area. The Center serves more than just a meal by collaborating with other local organizations to include emergency meals and supplemental food boxes, companion animal services, fan and heater distributions, library books and even flower deliveries. The Golden Age Center in Comfort, Texas provides critical assistance to The Center by coordinating additional volunteers to serve and deliver in the northern most part of the county. Together with the support of 150+ volunteers dedicated to preparing and delivering fresh meals, they served over 65,000 meals in 2022 to ensure no one remained left behind, alone or forgotten.  

The Center takes pride in staying ahead of trends shaping and influencing how their organization will achieve the greatest impact while empowering older adults to live independently and age with dignity. Kronkosky Place, a program of The Center, continues to be the central hub for activities, connection, dining and fitness opportunities. The Center also runs several robust programs serving as a support system for the aging community including Transportation, a Medical Equipment Loan Program and The Closet Thrift Shop. The Closet Thrift Shop serves as a purpose-driven effort building value for its team of volunteers who run 100% of the daily operations while contributing income to further support The Center.    

Olivia Burdick, CEO of The Center, recognizes partnerships and volunteers as the lifeblood of their services. With many seniors in the community living alone, lacking advice, help or support, The Center stands as a guiding light and a compassionate hand to hold during the complexities of aging.  The story of Betty and Walter exemplifies the transformative impact of The Center.  

This summer, The Center celebrates 40 years since a group of like-minded volunteers planted a seed to create a simple nutrition program, which has blossomed to become the central resource agency in the area for older adults and caregivers. As a member and volunteer ambassador said, “The Center provides a much-needed service to the community. The little that I do is a very small token of appreciation for the value it provides me and recognition of the role it services for the welfare of so many people who have needs that are not provided anywhere else … it does touch the people I see in a very profound way that must come from the staff who are living their faith.”

The Center is seeking more contributors and volunteers to continue serving this growing community. Many of Cordillera Ranch’s extensive community are already involved through serving as Meals on Wheels drivers, volunteers, donors, board members and through service projects. “Our friends have said they gain a deeper understanding and fall in love with all the smiling faces after joining us for a tour,” said Karen Love, Board Member at The Center and Cordillera Ranch resident.

To schedule a tour or learn more about how you can be involved, call 830.249.2114 or visit 

Get involved as a volunteer and partner serving as the village of support for our often-overlooked older adult community.  

Above: Silver Sneakers Classics Class

Jim Clymer and Corbett Christie at The Center's 4th Annual Golf Tournament
Alicia Zemanek, Ellen Clarke, Olga McGlothing (Closet Thrift Shop volunteers)
Karen Minyard (Mow driver, Board Member) Diana Dolt (Community Outreach Coordinator) and Tami Hess (MOW driver and volunteer)

Betty, a longtime member and volunteer, found purpose and connection at The Center. When her son, Walter, suffered a debilitating stroke, leaving him wheelchair-bound, Betty reached out to The Center for a friendly conversation. Little did she know that this simple act would lead to a life-changing experience. The Center’s staff, touched by her plight, connected Betty and Walter with organizations to help. Volunteers arrived at their doorstep and built a ramp, enabling Walter to experience the outdoors again after a year of confinement. Betty’s journey, from an active member and volunteer to receiving services, encapsulates The Center’s holistic approach to guiding seniors toward longer, healthier lives.

Dennis Werner, Kevin Conatser, Nick Schommer and Michael Hurley at The Center’s 4th Annual Golf Tournament.
Chris Anger (Transportation Coordinator) helps members board the ADA compliant bus

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