Giddy Up!

Jennifer Guidt, Equestrian Center Manager

What a wonderful time to be an equestrian at Cordillera Ranch! The Cordillera Ranch Equestrian Center offers more opportunities for riders of all abilities in more disciplines than ever before. Whether you want to board your horse, enjoy the tranquility and peace of being near these spectacular creatures, or take lessons and ride trails, the Equestrian Center can satisfy your interests.

Currently the Equestrian Center houses 17 members’ horses and 12 Club horses. While there is a waiting list for stall-board, pastures are available for pasture-board horses. Equestrian Center crew, led by Jesus Jimenez, takes care of all these horses, and maintains the barn, buildings and grounds. Of the seven Clubs at Cordillera Ranch, the Equestrian Center is the only one which is always open. Horses must be tended every day of the week/month/year!

The miles and miles of trails on the Ranch are an excellent way to explore the neighborhood. The nature trails wind around and behind some properties offering views not experienced from the roads. Swede Creek Park, the Soccer Park and Spring Creek Park are so much more fun to explore on horseback! In addition to these trails, many members participate in the Cordillera Trailblazers social group who travel off-property each week to explore trails in nearby areas such as Sister Creek and Bandera.

Equestrian lessons are a daily occurrence at the Equestrian Center. Our head trainer, Meghan Moriarty, teaches all aspects of Western and English riding for all experience levels. She also prepares many of her students of all ages for horse shows across the United States. Jenn Guidt, the barn manager, teaches lessons as well. While she teaches all levels and many disciplines, Jenn’s passion is cutting. Two other crew members, Hannah Wittig and Jordan Adams, also teach lessons, providing more flexibility and lesson opportunities than in the past.

Twice each week, members and staff alike practice sorting, team penning and cutting cows. Our resident cowboy, Mr. Stephen Davis, allows the use of his cattle in these fun, fast-paced rodeo events. You may also catch Mr. Davis teaching roping lessons. Jenn has augmented these lessons by bringing in another expert, Ms. Bailey Jay, to teach roping.

One of the most recent offerings at the Equestrian Center is a trail ride including a picnic in the park. What a fun way to enjoy your family and friends, and break for a meal by the creek! In addition to this and the many Summer Camps offered at the Equestrian Center, private events like birthday parties, fireside socials and pony rides are hosted as well.

Please contact Jenn Guidt at 830.336.9182 for more information!

Jennifer Guidt is the Equestrian Center Manager at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. She can be reached at and 830.336.9182.

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