Antonio Armendariz 

Service Director 

Hometown: Houston

Family Status/Members: 

Father Steve; Mother Patricia; Oldest sister Veronica; Middle brother Steve

Graham House


Clubhouse & Lodging Manager

Hometown: Houston

Family Status/Members: 

Spouse Wendi; Daughters Tassja (28); Twins Alexandra & Brittany (25)

The two of you have a shared work history. How, when and where did you first work together?

AA: I first met Graham House almost three years ago while serving at a steakhouse in downtown Houston. Being the lead trainer in the development of an expanding corporation, Graham noticed my particular skill sets in service and attention to detail when conducting a training course for a new hire. Graham invited me to join his team at Royal Oaks Country Club to better his service staff for the Bistro and bring the team to the next level. I took his offer, not only to better myself in a new environment, but also to see what I was able to bring to the club industry. On my first day at the club, Graham showed me around and introduced me to key staff members that would help hone my sense of training as well knowledge of service. After a year and a half at Royal Oaks Country Club, under his mentoring and my service knowledge, I’ve completed four manuals with standards on steps of service, raising morale in the service team, raising Member/Guest relations as well as decreasing member complaints pertaining to service by 90 percent. I look forward to continued service with such a great person for the years to come.

How did you both come to The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch?

GH: Antonio saw the posting for the food and beverage position at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. We discussed that he is one of the best floor and training managers in the industry and probably not ready for this position just yet. Antonio corrected me and said, “Graham you always told me to interview for club opportunities because you never know where the interview and opportunity will lead to.” I stood corrected and Antonio accepted the new Service Director position at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. During this process and discussions with Monty, the new Clubhouse & Lodging Manager position opened up as well and all it took was driving past the gate and over the hill to be sold on the opportunity to join Cordillera Ranch.

What makes your colleagues and team members an asset to The Club?

AA: Without a great set of team members and colleagues, this club wouldn’t be in the great standing it’s in now. They help shape and form The Club experience to make it a great place for members to want to be a part of.

GH: Without these assets quite frankly, we would not have the caliber of club that we have. Our employee partners are the ones that make The Club experience different and unique from anyone else in the business.

How did you choose your occupation?

AA: After going to school for computer science and working in the service industry, I found that my passion to take care of patrons grew more than my wanting to progress in my computer studies. I strove to work hard and meet goals given by my management. With this mindset, I complete every objective before me, which landed me here in this beautiful club filled with wonderful members.

GH: My parents were members of Spindletop Hall Club in Lexington, Kentucky and I started working there as a lifeguard. Naturally I loved interacting with the same faces every day and getting to know the members as family. I never looked back and have been in the club business my whole life.

What has been your most rewarding professional experience?

AA: Being able to train new employees to exceed members’ expectations and seeing the greatest outcome of the entire vision; a genuine smile, happy-to-do-it attitude, and most of all, a friendly and engaging mentality.

GH: I take pride with how many people I have influenced in my career through training, education and growing, and developing countless front line employees into club management careers.

What has been your greatest professional challenge?

AA: Having to remind myself when I need to stop and go home. When I see something needing to be addressed, I have the mindset to get it completed before I head home or until I feel it’s at a good standing.

GH: Getting that balance between work and family. When you love your family and your career, both tend to overlap into each other.

What do you like most about working at Cordillera Ranch?

AA: Being able to be welcomed by the employees and members with a warm-hearted greeting.

GH: The members and employee partners have provided an amazingly warm welcome and acceptance into their club.

What are your hobbies and interests?

AA: Bicycling, hiking, playing my guitar and camping.

GH: Boating, antique and muscle cars.

Favorite quote or motto?

AA: If you believe, you can achieve — Sophie Turner

GH: Life is a journey, not a destination — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anything that would surprise others about yourself?

AA: I used to be in a band that traveled around the US; later I went solo and performed as an opener for popular bands at Warehouse Live in downtown Houston.

GH: I am a naturalized citizen and was born in Roehampton, England. My grandmother was an Adams and the family tree goes back to John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

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