Cordillera Ranch FAQ’s, Myths, Rumors and Answers to Such

With the increased number of home and lot purchases along with the continued building boom at Cordillera Ranch, we wanted to address some items related to home planning, construction and activities governed by the Property Owners Association.

What’s the best sequence of events for purchasing a lot and building a home?

1) Select a lot and review the Design Guidelines related to that property before closing. Having a Preferred Builder look at the property at this time is also a good idea as he can confirm home placement related to building setbacks, heritage trees, topography, privacy, prevailing breezes, coveted sunrise/sunset orientations, etc. Cordillera Ranch Preferred Builders have the clearest understanding of the Design Guidelines and will advocate for you in meetings with architect/designer and the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

2) Upon closing, meet with your selected Preferred Builder and his architect/designer for initial concepts related to item one above.

3) Meet with the ARC, Preferred Builder and architect/designer on you property before starting any specific design/architectural work to receive an approval of your concept and general home placement. It’s important that you follow the procedures in the Design Guidelines for review and approval by the ARC prior to commencing any construction on the property.

What is involved with the Architectural Review Committee process in approving my building plans?

During the design process, you and your design/construction team will meet with the ARC a minimum of three times for review and approval.

1) Site Analysis Conference: The purpose of this conference is to discuss the lot and its characteristics prior to the commencement of design.

2) Preliminary Design Conference: The purpose of this conference is to assure that initial design concepts are in accordance with the objectives of Cordillera Ranch, that the design responds to the specific conditions of the lot and adjoining properties and to discuss construction procedures and requirements.

3) Final Design Review: The purpose of this conference is to confirm final design plans, materials and details.

Is outdoor burning of cleared trees or underbrush allowed at Cordillera Ranch?

The short answer is “Possibly.” Kendall County monitors outdoor burning in conjunction with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Texas Administrative Code rules for outdoor burning. The Kendall County Fire Marshal’s Office asks that if you plan on burning, you check online at to make sure there is not a “burn ban” in place at the time you are burning. If there’s no burn ban in place and you would like to burn, you MUST contact Cordillera Ranch at 830-336-3570 to request a Burn Permit. Kendall County burn bans that are “OFF” do not automatically authorize Cordillera Ranch property owners to burn. Cordillera Ranch POA must approve ALL burn requests and will confirm whether the Kendall County burn ban is in effect. Cordillera Ranch may be more restrictive than the County and reserves the right to deny burn permits without prior notice.

There are many factors considered in approving a burn permit including, but not limited to, wind and weather conditions/forecasts, ground moisture, fire breaks, accessibility of emergency response vehicles, surrounding vegetation, tree lines, accessibility of water, etc. Under no circumstances will approval be granted if an adequate supply of water is not present. Many other conditions, rules and notifications are involved. For complete rules and regulations, contact the Cordillera Ranch Visitors Center at 830.336.3570.

I just purchased property in Cordillera Ranch. Where are my utilities located?

It is a state law to call One Call by dialing 811 for utility line locations before doing ANY digging on any property. It’s not only important so that you’re in compliance with state law, but for your own personal safety as well. Learn more about the law at Don’t trust plats, surveys, drawings or other as the actual location of utilities onsite may differ from those documents.

If you have a question about the community, please submit via email to


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