Manager’s Message: Technology Update

New technologies are a way of life these days and although upgrades can be exciting, they can also present a host of challenges and a test in patience.  If you are like me, you see “software update” on your smart phone and think, “How long can I ignore this?” Once I download the update, I’m usually lost and somewhat frustrated for the first couple of days, but then I become accustomed to the new layout and features and I ask myself how I ever functioned with the old version.

Last summer, we made the decision to move our software platform in a new direction. Several of the applications we were using weren’t integrated, so our operations weren’t as seamless as they could be. We spent the last 12 months evaluating various software companies and based on that research have decided to partner with Clubessential ( as our software provider.

In the last four months we have prepared our team for the transition and made the conversion on January 1.  We specifically chose this time because it is typically slower.

Brad Smith, from Clubessential has been working with us on the implementation for the last several months.  I’ve asked him to give you an outline of what you can expect as members in regards to this new technology.


On behalf of the entire Clubessential team, I’d like to say how excited we are to have been chosen as the technology partner for The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. You have a beautiful club with a vast amount of amenities and your staff recognized the growing need to allow members to interact with The Club virtually as well as the operational advantages with one software solution.  

So what can you expect? Let’s just say this is where it gets exciting. Imagine sitting in the comfort of your own home and being able to reserve a tee time, order to-go food or make dinner reservations all via your smartphone. You will no longer have to imagine these things as they will become reality through a mobile app that allows you to easily access mobile statements, dining reservations, tee times, food ordering and more. Clubessential prides itself on bringing modern day technology, available in other industries, to the private club industry, all while fostering the rich traditions and values of being a private club member.

Brad Smith

Thanks Brad!

In addition, we are converting our back of the house accounting and POS (point of sale) systems to Clubessential. As of January, you can pay your bill via credit card. There is a third-party charge for using a credit card, but it will give you a choice. Our servers will be able to enter your orders at the table using a tablet and seamlessly integrate with the rest of the system. This is a good example of how technology can improve your experience at The Club by expediting your orders to the kitchen and allowing our servers to spend more time on the floor addressing your needs.

We’ll do our best to release these changes slowly to give you time to digest this new technology while getting our team acclimated as well.

The online tee time system along with the Member Directory and dining reservation systems are now up and running. I hope you’re getting acquainted with the app and look forward to expanding our offerings in the future.

Monty Becton is the General Manager of The Clubs of  Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at 830.336.4024 or


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