Carrying On

After 17 years as Burdick & Christofilis, Ltd., a successful partnership that built more than 100 homes in Cordillera Ranch, Art Burdick and Damon Christofilis discuss their past and future. 

How did the two of you become partners? 

DC: When Art first approached me in 2000 with a concept of forming a partnership, I was flattered because Burdick Custom Homes  always been the gold standard in home building. He wanted to marry our names and experience –– to combine his name and reputation and match it with my knowledge of the Hill Country. He had his reputation to consider so it was a little bit of a risk on his part compared to mine, but it’s turned out great.

AB: Burdick Homes declined numerous opportunities to build in Cordillera Ranch in its early years solely due to the distance and logistics involved. When I met Damon and we formed a partnership, Damon moved to Cordillera Ranch to be constantly on site, which I believe is vital.

Since forming in October of 2000, Burdick & Christofilis has built a solid and respected reputation in Cordillera Ranch. What will each of you be doing moving forward?

DC: We recently started Christofilis Custom Homes and we are in the process of opening our fifth model home in Cordillera Ranch. My wife and I choose to live in each model home for two to four years. It is a vehicle that serves two purposes –– styles and trends are constantly changing and being in a fully living and breathing furnished home helps people visualize what they could have and it helps me get to know them.

AB: Burdick Homes will carry forward the Burdick reputation for the next few decades. We anticipate building about 20 homes per year for the foreseeable future, which is our historical average. I will continue to refer people to Damon, but I have always said to choose a builder who is very active at Cordillera Ranch, and for that reason, I don’t anticipate Burdick Homes building there in the future. Damon has been a fantastic partner. I am very proud of the homes that he has built and the happy homeowners that he has. I know that he will have great success on his own, just as he has had with Burdick & Christofilis.


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