Jet Linx San Antonio: Where Private Aviation Gets Personal

Jet Linx, a private jet company headquartered in Omaha, leads the private jet membership and aircraft management industry in more than 14 cities nationwide, including San Antonio. With additional locations in Dallas, Atlanta, Washington D.C., St. Louis, Scottsdale, Detroit, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Nashville, Omaha, Tulsa and Denver, the company has met success putting the “private” back in private aviation, or as Base Partner and President Tom Northington puts it, “We’re personalizing, not democratizing.”

Since its inception in 1999, Jet Linx has carved a unique niche by focusing on a localized customer service experience, while still providing all of the advantages and benefits of a national provider. Each local Jet Linx Base offers individual, city-specific, local operations with private terminals rather than a remote national operation. By doing so, Jet Linx provides its members with unparalleled personal service from its private terminal, using local planes and pilots backed by a local team.  

The company’s Club Card and Executive Card are the two most consumer-friendly, cost-effective jet cards in the industry, providing guaranteed availability of any size jet category, guaranteed hourly rates, and a guaranteed highest standard of safety – not to mention the member-only terminal at San Antonio International Airport. Jet Linx clients also enjoy an Elevated Lifestyle benefits program that includes partnerships with over a dozen luxury services. The partners range from Napa Valley’s Meadowood, Canyon Ranch, and Telluride Ski Resort to SuiteHop and National Car Rental, among others. 

Jet Linx also brings expertise and personalized service in aircraft management services as the only company to offer aircraft owners a guaranteed, Jet Linx-controlled stream of revenue and cost savings. From aircraft acquisitions and cost-effective aircraft operation to aircraft maintenance, Jet Linx guarantees aircraft owners receive a best-in-the-industry experience. In addition, Jet Linx aircraft management clients automatically gain access to the Jet Linx Jet Card program and its total aircraft fleet of over 90 aircraft, with no up-front membership fee required. 

Jet Linx has a high-standard commitment when it comes safety, taking every measure to not only meet safety regulations, but greatly surpass them. Jet Linx is among the four percent of aircraft operators who have earned an ARGUS Platinum Safety Rating, the highest safety rating awarded to an operator, which has been presented to Jet Linx every year since 2007. In addition, Jet Linx attained The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage 3 certification this year (the highest IS-BAO rating), which has become a globally accepted “gold seal” for business aviation operations attesting to the highest standards in safety and efficiency, placing Jet Linx in the top one percent of all operators for safety.

From transparency to having a client-centric philosophy centered on a local service, Jet Linx is ready to welcome new members across the country to their personal jet company. For more information about Jet Linx service, visit Jet Linx San Antonio President Tom Northington is also a Cordillera Ranch partner and proud to serve many Cordillera Ranch residents and members with great care and personalized customer service.  


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