From Wine and Beyond….

In this edition I must start out by thanking all that have attended the past events by highlighting the Melka Wine Dinner, The Crafted Dinner Experience and the Wine Extravaganza. More on other events will be covered separately.

I had been awaiting the meeting of Cherie Melka for months having followed the successes of Cherie and her husband Philippe for a very long time. Their wines were magnificent and showed a great distinction from Knight’s Valley grown grapes and that area of Napa Valley. She spoke eloquently and told many stories, personal and that of the growth of the valleys. She moved from table to table to keep everybody tuned in and was very pleased with the pairings that showcased her wines.

The Crafted Dinner Experience was our third straight sell out. Chef’s Team displayed his impeccable menu in art-like form. It is always nice walking through the Cabana and hearing the oohs and ahhs as diners experience the world-class cuisine. It is very inspiring to select wine pairings, and I have really been thinking outside of the box to bring a different experience for everyone. I have chosen wines from France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Hungary, of course the USA, and even some Sparkling Sake from Japan. The comments were varied and all positive but nobody expected that Sake could be such a nice pairing. One thing to remember is that the diner truly has all of the power to choose. If red wine is all you drink, then red wine it is. There is enough wine in the cellar to make it all work for everyone.

The Wine Extravaganza was another success. The wines were over the top in quality and value, and some of the top winemakers from around the world had their wines on display. The format was 48 Big Reds and Bubbles. The favorites seemed to be Roederer Brut Premiere Champagne, Piper Hiedsick Rare Cuvee Champagne, Caymus Special Selection Cabernet and Austin Hope Cabernet. The orders are still coming in.

With this in mind I would like to talk about the next Wine Extravaganza, which will be on Thursday, May 31. The format will be a bit different, being that it is summer and drinking habits move to more chilled wines and lighter reds. We will put together for you Bubbles, Roses, Whites and Lights — lights meaning light reds. We will still offer a variety of 48 wines and will serve light bites. Chef will be serving special features in the dining room this evening and we invite you all to make reservations. We hope to see you all there and then for dinner in the dining room!

The last item that I want to share with you is an invitation to join the Cellar Club. I just want to reiterate how beneficial it may be for you in savings, even if you only drink wine sparingly. I have been working diligently to bring new wines and different suppliers to meet everyone at the Wednesday night tasting table, and I find that members have been very engaged with this as it brings a little more education to us all. I will continue to give you surprise visits and special Cellar Club-only tastings as well. The Cellar Club members that attended the Meet and Greet with Angelina Mondavi had a great time hearing about the beginnings of the Napa Valley Boom from the stories carried down to her by her Grandfather, Robert Mondavi. They also got to taste the exclusive Fourth Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon. I will leave you with a list of the benefits that are included in the Cordillera Ranch Cellar Club.

• Preferred Retail Shop Pricing
• 20% off Wine List Pricing
• $2.00 off all wines by the glass
• 20% off Wine Dinners
• Regular Cellar Club Specials 

Thank you all again and see you at The Club!


Jeffrey Cohen is the Wine Specialist for The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at

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