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Cordillera Ranch homes bring together media room technology that puts the theater experience at the homeowner’s fingertips

media_thorntonThis media room, in Cordillera Ranch, won the Level IV Gold Technical Design Award for Home Theater in CEDIA’s (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) 2012 Electronic Lifestyles® Awards, a national competition. The renowned Anthony Grimani and Performance Media Industries (PMI) of Novato, California provided all design and engineering, with Sterling Technologies and Robert S. Thornton – Great Homes executing the highly detailed installation and assembly of sound isolation, acoustics, control, video and audio systems.  The objective was to deliver the best possible image and acoustics the client had ever experienced with minimal compromise, and within a defined budget.  During an initial meeting with the owner he stated, “I’m not looking for popcorn machines or Spider-Man hanging from the ceiling – I want to watch a movie loudly enough to make my ears bleed…while my wife sleeps in the bedroom on the other side of the wall.”

During two days of extensive fine tuning and calibration at completion, the room was tested at volumes far louder than deemed appropriate or comfortable, and it could literally not be heard in the adjacent master bedroom – exactly what the client asked for a year and half earlier.  It was, in the words of Tony Grimani, one of the “best sounding rooms he’s been in – even those that are multiples times the cost.”

These photos reveal the elaborate construction behind the walls and ceilings as Sterling Technologies associates finish their final detailing, and a group of enthusiasts after completion with acoustic fabrics.


media_stadlerLocated at 137 River Crossing, The Granato’s home theater, designed by Sterling Home Technologies, features a 14’ diagonal, 2.35:1 widescreen format screen for viewing movies.  The screen has a moving masking system that can reduce the screen to 16:9 format when watching typical TV shows.  There is a 7.2 surround sound system with the front speakers located behind the screen, exactly like a commercial theater.  This media room features custom designed acoustical wall treatment by CinemaTech for improved sound quality, and three rows of custom seating, also by CinemaTech.

One truly unusual feature of the room is a custom made moving wall.  A 44 sq foot section of the rear wall can lower into the floor, revealing a bar counter that provides a fourth row of seating and allows anyone in the adjacent game room to view the screen.   No media room is too big or too small for the combined building efforts of Stadler Custom Homes and Sterling Home Technology.  For more information on building your own media room, or to schedule an appointment to discuss our concierge building process, contact Ray Stadler at 210.669.8265.


media_authenticThere were two main design elements behind this media room from the conception of this project: Flexibility and Comfort

As a technology lover at heart, the client required flexibility with their electronics. Knowing the speakers, projector, and other items would be upgraded as technologies advanced all equipment was kept flexible from an installation standpoint. Speakers were not hidden in the walls or behind screens but rather utilized as focal points in the room’s design. Doing so enabled the client easy access for changes or upgrades when necessary.

Comfort was also of great concern to our client. Customized leather seating, plush drapery and attention to room acoustics helped create a welcoming environment inside the media room. Soundproofing techniques were additionally utilized during the construction phase to ensure those outside of the media room were not disturbed when it was in use.

Overall, the design and installation of this media room was both a fun and fulfilling project. Our client was pleased with the outcome and regularly claims this room is still one of the most impactful spaces in their residence.


media_burdickWe have noticed a recent trend of late away from classic ideas of media rooms and more towards multi-purpose environment areas. Our new model home at 445 Augusta, as well as our completed spec home at 55 Winged Foot, feature large game rooms that can serve a wide variety of activities. The one in our model is basically designed and decorated as a residential sports bar. It has multiple HDTVs, full surround sound system and a complete service bar. It has become the “go to” place for watching movies, sporting events or recorded concerts and DVDS in our home. We definitely get more usage out of the space than we would if it only functioned as a theater.

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