New for 2020, the USGA updated our handicap system to the World Handicap System. Previously, there were six handicap systems around the world. This change provides a consistent measure of ability for all golfers regardless of geographic location. As a result, your handicap may have lowered after this introduction on January 6. Below are some of the major changes and how they will affect golf at Cordillera Ranch.

• The number of scores required to establish a Handicap Index is now three 18-hole scores (was five)  Six 9-hole scores will also establish a Handicap Index

• Handicap Indexes will be calculated using the best 8 scoresout of the most recent 20 (was 10 out of 20) 

    • This is a driving factor behind Handicap Indexes being lower

• Course Handicaps will now be the number of strokes needed to shoot par (was to shoot the course rating) 

    • Course Handicaps will change more from tee to tee than before

    • This will allow players to compete from different tees with out any additional adjustments

• The maximum Handicap Index for men and women will be 54 (was 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women) 

    •  The CWGA will continue to limit course handicaps at 40 for CWGA Events

• Handicap Indexes will update daily through the GHIN website/app 

    • Cordillera Ranch will update handicaps every Tuesday morning for regular play

    • We encourage all play at the Club to play off this weekly trend

    • All tournament play at the Club will play off this weekly trend (unless noted otherwise)

• There is now a Playing Conditions Calculation that will automatically adjust score differentials for adverse conditions 

    • In order for a score to be considered for the PCC adjustment, it must be posted on the same day you played

    • The range of differential adjustment is -1 to +3

• Net Double Bogey is now the max score on any hole for any handicap 

    • If you get a stroke on a Par 4, your maximum score would be 7

    • If you don’t get a stroke, your maximum score would be 6

Max Score = Par + 2 + Handicap Strokes

There are other minor changes with the World Handicap System that will impact how your Handicap Index is calculated. This list above serves as a brief overview to explain how certain changes will apply to golf at Cordillera Ranch. While the USGA and World Handicap System encourage players to post their own scores through the GHIN website/app, the Golf Shop will continue to post scores on a daily basis. To ensure your scores are posted the day they were shot, please turn your scorecard into the Golf Shop one hour before we close.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to talk about this in more detail, please stop by the Golf Shop or give me a call.

Everyone has been preparing for a busy spring. I look forward to seeing you on the course,

Corey Roberson

Corey Roberson is the Director of Golf at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at or 830.336.4653.

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