Employee Recognition

Since its inception, a dedicated group of employees have played a pivotal role in the development, enjoyment and success of Cordillera Ranch. Many of these employees are seen daily about the Ranch, while others work behind the scenes in the four companies that comprise Cordillera Ranch: DH Investments, Ltd., Cordillera Ranch Property Owners Association, The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch and Cordillera Ranch Development. As we welcome 2022, and in the spirit of new beginnings, we would like to reflect on these individuals’ outstanding service and acknowledge their dedication in exceeding our community’s expectations. 

15+ years

Jeff Muenchow, POA, 2003
Thomas Quick, POA, 2003
Lenny Tomasini, POA, 2003
Brandi Wright, POA, 2005
Ernesto Fernandez, The Clubs, 2005
Marc DeWall, The Clubs, 2006
Jonathan Stevens, The Clubs, 2006
Arthur Garza, POA, 2006
Shane Reynolds, The Clubs, 2006

10+ years

Victoria Hansen, The Clubs, 2008/2018
Nicholas Menger, The Clubs, 2008
Jeffrey Cohen, The Clubs, 2009/2017
Debbie Pepper, The Clubs, 2011
Barry Denton, CR Development, 2011
Juan Guerrero, POA, 2011
Charles Mueller, CR Development, 2011
Amy Schoemaker, DHI, 2012
Judy Brown, CR Development, 2012
Isaac Cantu, The Clubs, 2012

Not Pictured:
Dave Grinnan, CR Development, 2007
Carlos Flores, The Clubs, 2011
TJ Johnson, POA, 2011

5+ years

Chris Espinoza, DHI, 2013
Laura Grudle, The Clubs, 2013
Kelsey Guzman, The Clubs, 2013
Quentin Johndrow, POA, 2013
Phillip Sloan, The Clubs, 2013
Daniel Wagemann, The Clubs, 2013
Amanda Carlisle, The Clubs, 2013/2014
Jessica Swinger, The Clubs, 2013/2017
Gregory Lopez, The Clubs, 2013/2019
Shawn Holliman, POA, 2014
Jenna Martin, The Clubs, 2014
Ely Minas, The Clubs, 2014
Andrea Peterson, The Clubs, 2014/2019
Brianna Botine, The Clubs, 2015
John Kuhry, CR Development, 2015
Roy Sorensen, POA, 2015
Vance Waller, CR Development, 2015
Carey Yeager, CR Development, 2015
Katie Dillard, The Clubs, 2016

Not Pictured:
Robert Browning, CR Development, 2014

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