Clubhouse Improvements and Cabana Expansion and Renovation

Charlie Hill, President of Cordillera Ranch

Cabana and Kitchen Expansion and Renovation

The many members that have been part of the Club since the early days when the Cabana was the only Clubhouse dining facility — before the Main Clubhouse was built — remember how fun it was to hang out with friends at the Cabana and enjoy a nice meal as the sun set beyond the pool area. As the years have gone by and the Main Clubhouse dining room and Twin Sisters Bar became the main dining venues, the Cabana transitioned to primarily serving as a special events venue. It’s now time to bring it back to life as a regular dining and bar option — albeit with a major makeover and expansion.

Though concept planning for the Cabana’s renovation has been under consideration for the past couple years, the plans were expedited this year when the freeze burst pipes in the facility and destroyed it completely — making it unusable even for special events. We have spent the past six months planning a complete renovation, repurposing and expansion of the Cabana that also ties into an expansion of the main kitchen so the facilities will be fully connected, which is critical for quality food service to the new Cabana. There are many other moving parts to the plans and, suffice it to say, this is far more than just a renovation of the Cabana and thus more complex to design.  

The renovation and expansion of the Cabana is going to provide us stunning new dining outlets and make use of one of the most prime spots on the Clubhouse hilltop. Not only will these plans upgrade and expand your Club dining and bar options, but they will allow for the Cabana to be put into use as a year-round, day-to-day dining facility (with a complete make-over, expansion and modernization of the space). We wanted a venue that is large enough to host large gatherings but still have an intimate feel and vibe for nightly dining. We’re also very excited to showcase some new outdoor patio dining space around the Cabana and north of the current Pool snack bar, which will provide another breathtaking dining spot for Members to regularly enjoy. 

Additionally, the planning for the Cabana expansion spurred the culinary team to evaluate long-term kitchen-area needs and it became clear that if we were ever going to expand the kitchen, it had to be done at the same time as the Cabana expansion. In order to continue to deliver great dining experiences to numerous different dining venues from one kitchen, it became apparent that a kitchen expansion was a must. So, the current kitchen will nearly double in size (expanding to the west towards the Pool snack bar), and we’ll be adding much-needed storage space for various Club operations. This expansion will allow the Main Clubhouse to fully connect to the existing snack bar and expanded Cabana. Additionally, the snack bar will be getting some repurposing and renovation as well.

We are working as fast as possible to get plans completed so we can move into the construction phase over the winter months and get as much completed prior to summer pool season; however, we do anticipate that some of the work will be ongoing at the Cabana during the next pool season. It is likely a 12–15-month project overall, so the anticipated Cabana opening would be end of 2022 or early 2023 (hopefully the current materials supply-chain constraints aren’t a major delay).

Main Clubhouse and Golf Shop Upgrades

Separate from the Cabana work, in the Main Clubhouse this winter we will be replacing the carpet and wood flooring that was damaged during the winter storm. We’ll also be giving a face-lift to the main restrooms in the Clubhouse near Twin Sisters. Once again, Covid has delayed the time-table for this work as manufacturers have significant backlog; however, we are now on track to have the re-carpeting and other work done by February of 2022. The carpet removal and replacement in the main dining room is anticipated to take approximately a week; during that week the main dining room would be closed and we would operate from the Twin Sisters bar dining area. Then the Twin Sisters and hallway reflooring work would be completed and the main dining room would be open for service while Twin Sisters is out of operation for a week. We understand that disruptions are not ideal but in order to make these upgrades, it’s necessary and we’ve worked with the contractor to make sure we have as minimal disruption as possible.

Also, you’ve probably seen some of the improvements that have been under way in the Golf Shop. The first project in the Golf Shop back office is now complete, which removed walls and built-in desks to provide more work space and inventory storage which will allow the staff to better serve Members with the growing amount of special orders. In November, we will be upgrading the Golf Shop main floor area by creating more merchandising area, re-carpeting and removing the existing counter and installing a new counter near the entry door. These changes will give the Golf Shop a beautiful facelift and most importantly create significantly more usable merchandising area to offer more choices and venture deeper into lifestyle categories.

As you can see, we have been planning numerous projects and capital improvements which will greatly enhance Member experience at the Club. We look forward to completing some of these projects over the winter and making progress on the Cabana and kitchen construction in 2022!


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