Dear Cordillera Ranch Homeowners and Guests,

I would like to pass along a quick update on the status of our 2015-2016 Road Repair & Reconstruction Project. Work has moved along nicely through the winter months with the weather dictating our pace, and we have completed several phases of the project. These include:

• Main Entrance at Hwy 46: The asphalt on the entrance side had deteriorated to the point that the asphalt was starting to come up and create large potholes. Our contractor removed the asphalt and several inches of base, and installed a stronger and thicker layer of asphalt that will be better suited to handle the large amount of traffic that comes through this gate. Still remaining to be completed in this area is some slight re-grading to improve water flow to the nearby storm drain. This work will be done by POA staff.

• Cordillera Trace Boulevard Area: A section of base underneath each side above the large culvert was removed and mixed with recycled asphalt then reinforced with concrete to improve the strength of the subgrade. Then the entire section was re-paved with new asphalt and new striping was installed. The POA staff then repaired and re-seeded the edges of the roadway and they are looking great. As a result of the additional asphalt, we also raised the guardrail in several areas so that its functionality was maintained.

• Cordillera Trace from Clubs Drive to Kruetzberg Gate: There were a number of sections repaired with the same recycled asphalt and concrete mix as the Boulevard. Then the whole section (3.5 miles) was covered with an under-seal layer and limestone rock to protect it until the temperatures required for asphalt installation were met. At that point the entire section was paved with new asphalt and new thermoplastic striping was installed. We are very happy with the quality of the paving work in this section. Our POA staff installed new dirt and seed along the edges just like the Boulevard areas. Due to the length of this section limiting our watering ability, it might take longer for the native grasses to be restored, but with the amount of rain we have received lately it is looking good.

• Fog-Seal of Riverwood and River Crossing areas: In the end, on the recommendation of our contractor and their supplier, instead of using a traditional fog-seal we used a solvent-based rejuvenation product that penetrated beyond the surface of the asphalt. This will extend the life of the pavement as well as provide better aesthetics in this area for a longer period. New paint striping was then installed and made a world of difference, giving us a final product that we are very happy with.

• Warranty Repairs of Chip-Sealed Roads: We had a number of areas on our roads out west that were chip-sealed in 2014 that needed spot repairs, including a number of cul-de sacs. Our contractor has been out over the last three weeks completing these repairs and as soon as they are completed, the roads will be swept one more time and the striping that is planned for these areas will be installed.

We have one large phase of work yet to be completed as well as a few small projects to finish out our work. These are:

• East Gate at Rio Cordillera & FM 3351: This phase will consist of the installation of the same recycled asphalt and concrete base and new pavement from FM 3351 through the gates to Sendero Ridge. As you can tell when you drive through, the asphalt in these areas is showing heavy alligator cracking and water infiltration. This work was scheduled to begin on April 14 but the weather has pushed us back to a probable start date the week of April 25, weather dependent.

• Small Patch Repairs: Throughout the community there are small sections of asphalt that need to be patched. This will coincide with the East Gate work.

• Pavement Reinstall at Kruetzberg Gate: Our striping contractor got a little aggressive and unfortunately extended the edge striping through the middle of the road just inside the Kruetzberg gate on both sides. The asphalt in this area will be removed and then reinstalled with new asphalt at no cost to the POA.

The staff here at the POA would like to relay our gratitude for everyone’s patience and support during these projects. Road construction is never the most convenient item to deal with, but it must be done. We hope that the impact has been minimal and we will continue to do our best to make sure that as the remaining phases are completed, the impact on homeowners remains small.

Thank You,

Matt Haire

Matt Haire is the Cordillera Ranch POA General Manager. He can be reached at or 830.336.3501. Visit the website at

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