“Stay all Night” is one of the countless legendary songs Willie Nelson has recorded, and the chorus sums up the purpose for the planned Lodges at

Cordillera Ranch. To really enjoy the vast beauty and array of activities at

Cordillera Ranch, you cannot just pop in for a few hours in an afternoon. You have to ‘stay a little longer’ or you are just short-changing yourself. Whether you are a guest of a resident or member, prospective member yourself, or an existing member without a finished home in the neighborhood, visiting Cordillera Ranch for a few hours is like going to a movie theatre and leaving 30 minutes into the film. You are going to miss the best parts – the relaxing evenings outside by The Club terrace fire pit soaking in the thousands of stars that freckle the sky or the crisp, morning sunrises across the Guadalupe River Valley and hill tops.

For several years we have been developing the conceptual plans for the Lodges and it’s been a delicate process that we’ve wanted to carefully craft in order to serve a growing need for accommodations in Cordillera Ranch while still protecting and preserving the exclusivity and private-club experience that we all enjoy. In the coming months we’ll roll out the plans and renderings for these boutique home and suite rentals. The initial phase will include three lodge units totaling 15 individual bedrooms (two 6-bedroom units and one 3-bedroom unit near The Clubhouse). It’s important to understand that the purpose of these Lodges is not to create a resort environment – these will remain for the benefit of Club members, their guests and Club and real estate prospects. This is not an offering we will be opening up to the masses – exclusivity remains a core principal in all of the planning and operations for The Club. Furthermore, these rental opportunities have already been available on a limited basis in Cordillera Ranch through some casitas we have been utilizing in the neighborhood.

Stay tuned for more announcements and details on this upcoming addition to the lifestyle at Cordillera Ranch. We hope you and your guests have the opportunity to ‘stay all night, stay a little longer’ at the new Lodges at Cordillera Ranch in the near future.


Charlie Hill
Cordillera Ranch


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