2023 C-Star Men’s Member/Guest Tournament

The 2023 C-Star Member/Guest Tournament was contested on Thursday, April 27 through Saturday, April 29. This event consists of a practice round, an 18-hole putting competition (on the golf course), five 9-hole matches and a shootout. Like with most member/guest tournaments, we focus on providing an exceptional experience with golf, food and entertainment. Mother Nature tried to get in our way a little bit, but we were able to get all five matches played along with the shootout to crown our champions — more on that in a bit.

Corey Roberson, PGA, Director of Golf

While the general structure of C-Star has been consistent over the last few years, we are always seeking new ideas to keep the event fresh. This year, we partnered with the Lester Meier Rodeo Company for our Thursday night entertainment — they put on a bull riding exhibition at the Equestrian Center. While putting results and flights were revealed that night, the real excitement was a front row seat on the porch of Hawkeye Bar to watch the cowboys attempt 8-second rides.

Another one of the enhancements came from our agronomy team and culinary team led by Stu Rowland and Executive Chef Isaac Cantu — they expanded the on-course bars to include food stations. The Tree Bar (at #4/#7) featured Chef Greg’s smoked concoctions while The Cave (at #12/#16) featured hot bangers prepared by Chef Chase on the Evo. Moving the food on the golf course was a huge hit as it decreased turn times and made the flow of the day a little smoother.

The 60-team field was broken into 10 flights and each team played a match against the other teams in their flight — this is often referred to as a round robin format. After the fifth match on Saturday afternoon, flight winners were determined and parimutuel wagering opened for the shootout. 

The shootout was contested over a five-hole stretch (#10, #11, #16, #17 and #18) in an alternate shot format where two teams are eliminated at each hole. On #10, the father/son duo of Smith/Smith were eliminated after they hit two tee shots OB right and then chipped it into a bunker near the green. The team of Jason West and Mike Norwood were also eliminated after a costly 3-putt from three feet (below the hole). On #11, most of the field played it conservative hitting their second shot out to the right. We ended up having a chip-off from behind the green where the team of Pratt/Cook and Dempsey/Dempsey were eliminated. Historically, #16 has produced some nasty golf shots — that trend shifted a little this year as only three teams weren’t able to find dry land (yes, 50% is an improvement!). This hole would also end in a chip-off leaving us with the teams of Webb/Burke, Emery/Desrochers, Coleman/Crumley, Harpole/Altomare.

Here’s where the team of Harpole/Altomare started to shine — based on the shots they hit on #17 and #18, it’s hard to believe these guys were in the Rodeo Flight! They slid right over to #18 with ease along with Emery/Desrochers, while the other two teams had a chip-off to determine third place. Tony Coleman and Paul Crumley would win that chip-off — one of the great truths in golf is “every shot makes somebody happy.” Everyone who wagered on the Nicklaus Flight in the parimutuel were happy — those who wagered on the Murdock Flight, not so much.

On the 18th tee, the only thing separating Emery/Desrochers and Harpole/Altomare was one stroke — the Rodeo Flight team was popping. While they didn’t hit their best tee shot, they executed a nice second and third to leave their ball below the hole, just off the green, putting for net birdie. The team of Emery/Desrochers hit a great tee shot followed by a tugged second, which left them an interesting third. With the hole location tucked right just above the slope, they had to play their third over the left bunker across the center valley, and up the hill. Emery hit a pretty good chip, but he was still waiting for it to move right off the slope — this left his partner with about 12 feet for par. Nick Altomare was able to use his putter from just off the front of the green and snuggled it up to that uncomfortable range where you’d normally be begging for a gimmie from your buddies. Mark Desrochers would go on to miss the par putt but they safely secured bogey. This left Jay Harpole with a fairly straight putt from about three feet for the victory … he buried it to claim his first C-Star Member/Guest victory. Not only will Jay and Nick have their names engraved in the Champions Gallery for all eternity, Jay will have an exemption into the 2024 C-Star, his flight will be named after him, and they get to take home handcrafted belt buckles and money clips from legendary silversmith Clint Orms.

Congratulations to the 2023 C-Star Champions, Jay Harpole and Nick Altomare, along with our 10 flight winners!

Corey Roberson, PGA, is the Director of Golf for The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at 830.336.4653 and croberson@cordilleraranch.com.

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