What on Earth is that?

What on Earth is that?

Jimmy Walker is the answer and he’s off to another good start this year.

Last fall I received a call from Christian Iooss, Director of Photography with Golf Digest looking for a location to do an interview and photo shoot with Jimmy. They were on a tight timeline and as you can see in the attached article; this wasn’t your typical photo shoot.

I gladly agreed for The Club to host the crew for the day and coordinate the interview and photos. The space suit Jimmy is wearing was shipped in from Los Angeles along with an escort who was an expert at working with this valuable and specialized prop. He explained that this suit had been used in several big screen films and is a replica of an A7L spacesuit worn by Neil Armstrong on his moonwalk.

Based on Jimmy’s performance so far, the 62-pound suit didn’t affect his mojo.  Neil Armstrong may have walked on the moon, but Jimmy Walker will be walking the fairways at Augusta again this year during The 2015 Masters. During the tournament Jimmy will be competing for $9 million dollars in prize money compared to 1969, when Neil Armstrong was paid US$20,000 – NASA’s standard annual salary for civilian astronauts.

Jimmy has earned a spot on the world stage today, but stays grounded spending time at The Club and with his “golf buddies.”  We’re all fortunate to have him walking the hallways and fairways of The Club and it makes following the PGA tour more exciting when you have a neighbor like Jimmy to cheer for. As Jimmy says, his immediate focus is the PGA tour, but “Golf Buddies are forever”!

Thanks to the team at Golf Digest for giving us the opportunity to reproduce the article as it appeared in their February issue.


Monty Becton, General Manager

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