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wine supportThe Texas Hill Country Wine Trail is the largest and most well-known Trail in the state. Started in 1999 with only a handful of wineries, the Trail has grown to include over 36 wineries and was recently acknowledged by a major vacation magazine as the 2nd most popular wine trail destination in the U.S. after California. This makes Texas the fifth largest wine producing state in the country. Since Texas is such a large state, many grapes can be grown here because of the many microclimates and soil types. Some of the best grapes in Texas are produced right in our own backyard. Mid-summer is a perfect time to visit the many wineries the Wine Trail has to offer. Take a break from the heat by cooling off inside one of the wineries, and sampling an assortment of wines – from dry to sweet. Another way to enjoy the wineries is to buy tickets to one of the area’s wine trail events. To see a list of upcoming events and research each winery in more depth visit texaswinetrail.com.

For a Hill Country wine experience right at home, Executive Chef, Brad Evers paired Texas Wine Trail wine with Cordillera Ranch Club menu items.

Through the years, Texas has been known for many wonderful things. Fine wine, however, was not one of them. Over the past 20 years there has been a slow evolution in the quality of Texas wines that has created a buzz between the winemakers and Texas chefs.

In the past, chefs would cringe at the mere thought of having Texas wines on their lists. Now, after a long-fought journey, national recognition is here to stay. Wine makers such as the Beckers have been an integral part of this remarkable process. This is why the culinary team at Cordillera will be celebrating these fine wines and pairing them with locally sourced foods and vegetables and fruits from our Club garden.

Texas Voignier lends itself very well with seafood. Brannon’s Voignier gives a nice balance of sweet and citrus tones that lead to a crisp, refreshing finish. Works wonderfully with scallops, flounder and salmon.

The Becker Voignier has a more pronounced nose than the Brannon’s. Flavors of peach, butterscotch and vanilla permeate with a nice, herbal finish. This wine will stand up to the meatier seafoods such as grouper, mahi-mahi and sea bass.

Culinaria, a 50-50% merlot/cab franc creation has a dark fruit nose and black licorice undertones. This wine lends itself well to Texas lamb fresh off the grill and seared duck breast.

Prairie Rotie has an essence of prunes and apricots, medium tannins and light acidity. It is well suited to filet mignon, sirloin and even a fat juicy hamburger.

Becker Clementine is a natural to enjoy with Texas cheeses, another food gaining a national following, with its natural earth tones. Its sweetness pairs well with lighter desserts such as ginger crème brulee, Fredericksburg peach cobbler or strawberry shortcake.

We invite you to visit the Club and enjoy a true Texas wine and food experience.
Click Here to download a map of the Hill Country Wine Trail.

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