Jeffrey Cohen, Wine Specialist

As we approach the massive heat of our South Texas summer, it is only normal to change our drinking habits to lighter style wines — Sauvignon Blanc for white lovers and Pinot Noir for red lovers. Today I will showcase one of each, although both will be from France.


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the sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance.

Langlois-Chateau Sancerre

Langlois-Chateau has a rich history as one of the leading producers in the Loire Valley. Over 60% of their production is devoted to their world-class Crémants, (French Sparkling but not from Champagne,) but their Sancerres are also highly regarded as benchmarks for the appellation. Their wines are serious and complex yet remain delicate and approachable. The grapes are from a selection of the best vineyard plots throughout the AOC and are delicately pressed to extract the purest juice. The entire winemaking process is conducted exclusively in stainless steel to preserve the fresh and mineral nature.

The Loire River is the longest river in France, flowing north and west. This makes for a very diverse climate and microclimates. As the Loire stretches east away from the Atlantic, the climates move from Maritime to Continental. What I find neat about this area is that at one point in time through the millennia it was completely submerged by water and therefore the soil is composed of smashed seashells along with others.

With this in mind, I always pair these wines with seafood and especially shellfish. I cannot think of a better pairing than raw oysters, shrimp cocktail or even steamed crabs with this crisp and wonderful Sancerre (Sauvignon Blanc).

Domaine Faiveley Mercurey

Burgundy is much like the Loire Valley in size; however, it ranges north and south. It is comprised of numerous villages and is broken into four main regions: Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune, Côte Chalonaise and Mâconnaise. Some of these villages have been determined to be Grand Cru, 1er Cru and village wines. They all bring great wines to market in many different price ranges. 

Domaine Faiveley combines the principles of modern winemaking methods with the time-honored traditions that have been practiced for centuries within their 19th century cellars. Each terroir and each vintage benefits from special attention which makes the cuvees unique. 

The Mercurey has a beautiful dark ruby color. The nose opens with notes of fresh red fruits and spices. Pleasant to taste, this wine has a round and fruity attack before revealing its fine and silky tannins. The well-balanced wine with long-lasting aromas will be appreciated by knowledgeable wine-lovers and will seduce novices, too.

I can think of two pairings that will be off-the-charts incredible. Because it is summer and we all tend to be grilling more, try lamb chops or quail. Serve with sauteed wild mushrooms and some simple rosemary-roasted potatoes. This will be a meal set for royalty!

See you at the Club!

Jeffrey Cohen is the Wine Specialist at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at jcohen@cordilleraranch.com 

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