Mary Bartos


Administrative Assistant


Seabrook, TX (recently moved from Littleton, Colorado)

How did you become employed at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch?

One day while working an oversell and being extended for weather delays, it occurred to me that there must be life after Southwest Airlines. I was growing increasingly tired of working nights, holidays and weekends, so I started looking for other employment opportunities. Having a background in Real Estate, when I saw this position advertised, I knew I was the right person for the job. I simply applied and was invited to join their team.

What past work history prepared you for The Clubs?

In Denver I owned a small residential leasing business. There, I leased very high-end homes all around the city from Cherry Hills Farm (where Denver’s beloved John Elway resides) to Glenmoor Country Club and the Colorado Golf Club in beautiful South Parker. I truly enjoy meeting people and had some fantastic, as well as, interesting clientele. So, given my past experience, I felt prepared for this position. 

What makes your colleagues an asset to The Clubs? Explain how you work together as a team.

My team truly rocks! Not only are they knowledgeable about the Club and all its wonderful amenities, but also about Boerne and the energy and hometown atmosphere it offers. They believe in its beauty and charm, so helping those who want to be a part of this community comes easy for them. Everyone works hard and there is no hat too small to wear. Teamwork is a given here. 

What has been your most rewarding professional experience?

On a cold winter’s night while working at DIA (Denver Int’l Airport) I noticed an elderly lady standing by herself clutching on to her bag of pretzels and water. The eating area was packed without an available seat in site, so I quietly asked her to come join me at my table. (You can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take Texas out of the girl.) She agreed. She didn’t say much at first, so I politely asked her where she was going and what time her flight left. Long story short, her daughter had dropped her off a DAY early because they weren’t getting along and her flight wasn’t until 7pm the next day. Who does that?! Needless to say, I was saddened beyond belief. I rallied my co-workers and found a buddy pass and sent her on her way that night on the next flight to AZ. It affected me for some time, but I was very proud and happy that I could get her home safely, and that she didn’t have to spend the night all alone in a cold, damp airport surrounded by strangers. 

What has been your greatest professional challenge?

Up to this point, I would say time away from my son while running my business. He used to say, “Mom you’re home but you’re not really here.” One more email son, or just one more advertisement and we’ll go do something. Some days that never came, or I was half there mentally, which he could tell.

What do you like most about working at Cordillera Ranch?

The people, the beauty and the enjoyment of helping those around me.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy writing, although I never seem to carve out enough time to do it as much as I’d like. I am currently working on a murder/mystery thriller, and find the research for my characters very interesting.  I am also dabbling into a Christian children’s book, as I have been very blessed in my life and feel strongly about 

spreading His word.   

Favorite quote or motto?

Don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled.

Or most meaningful personal experience?

I would have to say it is raising my son and watching him become an Airman in our USAF. I don’t know how I got such an amazing child. Truly the greatest gift from our Father that I could ever hope for. 


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