Safety and Security at Boerne ISD

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Boerne Independent School District

At Boerne ISD, the physical safety and emotional well-being of all students, staff and visitors are a priority. Safety measures are in place at every campus, and in partnership with the Texas State School Safety Center, BISD is continually reviewing and updating the Emergency Operations Plan, which includes guidelines for severe weather, intruders and gas leaks, among others. This also includes protocols and staff and student training for response to critical incidents. In an effort to strengthen the safety and security at all BISD facilities, new initiatives were introduced at the start of the 2022-23 school year, such as creating the new position of Chief of Safety and Security and the See Something, Say Something student campaign.

Chief of Safety and Security

The district recently hired Rick Goodrich as the new Chief of Safety and Security. Goodrich served 22 years in the United States Airforce and has a distinguished career as a Supervisory Special Agent having worked with multiple investigative agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Texas Department of Public Safety, Internal Revenue Service and Homeland Security through the San Antonio Texas Anti-Gang Initiative, as well as the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, DHS/HSI and the San Antonio Police Department Narcotics Unit. He has responded to multiple critical incidents, including on 9/11 at the World Trade Center.

Boerne ISD Superintendent Dr. Thomas Price stated, “The safety of our students, staff and visitors has always been our top priority. When selecting a Chief of Safety and Security, Rick stood out due to his vast expertise, skill set, and knowledge.”

School Resource Officers

The Safety and Security Department has appointed 12 School Resource Officers (SRO), one for each school campus. SROs are certified law enforcement officers responsible for safety and crime prevention in schools and have extensive backgrounds and training for critical incidents. The City of Boerne provided eight officers, and the City of Fair Oaks Ranch and Kendall County provided two officers each. BISD and the law enforcement agencies share the costs associated with SROs. 

School Access

This past summer all campuses in BISD were assessed for structural hazards and security, which includes exterior doors, alarms, notifications and surveillance systems. The district has also hired an external management group to conduct a safety audit of all facilities, plan and protocols this fall.

Already established and enforced procedures are in place for access to all campuses. Each school as only one access point and visitors must submit to screening through the districts Raptor Visitor Management System. During school hours, all exterior doors remain locked and classroom doors are secured. 

Emergency Response Protocols

Established protocols are in place to address all emergency situations.

Lockout: If a threat occurs outside of a school, all students are escorted into buildings, doors are locked and class resumes.

Lockdown: If a threat occurs inside a school, students are moved to classrooms, doors are locked, lights are turned off and everyone is to remain silent until a first responder opens the door.

Evacuate: During a lockdown, officials might order an evacuation where students are required to leave buildings in single file with their hands visible.

Shelter: In the case of severe weather, students will either be evacuated or moved to safe shelter within the school.

Hold: If hallways need to be cleared, students will remain in locked classrooms.

Safety and Security Committee

This advisory and oversight committee consists of representatives from local law enforcement agencies that serve Boerne ISD, along with parents, BISD staff and members of the BISD Board of Trustees. The committee participates in the development and implementation of the district’s emergency response plan and affirms the district completes safety and security audits and reports. 

See Something, Say Something Campaign 

This new awareness campaign is promoted through PSAs on campus morning news shows, announcements and posters placed throughout all BISD campuses. Students are encouraged to report dangerous or suspicious activity as soon as they become aware of a situation by telling a teacher, principal, parent or SRO, or reporting anonymously through a link accessible from every BISD website page or a QR code on posters that leads directly to the reporting page. 

New EMS and Law Enforcement Substation

After many years of significant growth in Bergheim, and without county-owned land in the area, an agreement was made by which Boerne ISD will lease land to Kendall County on the site of Voss Middle School at the corner of FM 3351 and SH 46 E. The agreement for a 50-year ground lease for $1 per year will not only benefit the growing population in eastern Kendall County but provide additional safety and security for Voss students and staff. Voss is the designated middle school for Cordillera Ranch.

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