Perfect Your Golf Swing with an In-Home Golf Simulator

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Are you dying to amp up your golf game in preparation for the gorgeous Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course at Cordillera? Thank goodness for modern tech, because now you can install a professional golf simulator and work on your swing from the comfort of your own home. That 30-minute lunch break will never feel more productive!

If you have an artificial green in your backyard, you might think you’re already set, but you’d be wrong, according to Corey Roberson, the Director of Golf at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch.

“Building an artificial green is great for your short game and putting, but having a full swing game in-house is a nice addition. They’re two completely different types of products. With the in-home simulator, you can play a full round of golf, from hitting a tee shot on number one to hitting the last putt on 18,” explained Corey. 

The benefits of a home golf simulator are indeed manifold. “The beauty is that even though you may live in Boerne, Texas, you can play the St. Andrews Links in Scotland anytime you want with a simulator,” he added.

Not only is it a fun, convenient and relaxing getaway from your usual round of golf, but with it you can tee it up with your group of golf buddies from anywhere in the world. 

“Much like having a bowling lane, pool table or shuffle board [in your home], golf simulators bring the fun factor to a whole new level, but I would say simulators are for all types of players looking to better their game — amateurs and professionals,” said Keith Norman, Co-owner and President of Business Development for Paul Allen Custom Homes.

Still, playing isn’t the only reason to invest in a home golf simulator. Using it to practice and significantly improve your swing can turn this into your new secret weapon. The science behind the tracking devices, cameras and monitors is extraordinary, and measures every intricate detail that happens with the golf ball, from the spin axis to the speed with which it jettisons off your club. To be clear, with a golf simulator, you are actually swinging real clubs and hitting a real golf ball into a screen. 

“It’s just like going to the range except the difference is you get all of the ball and club data on every shot. It can tell a player if they came four-and-a-half degrees from the inside and the face was two-and-a-half degrees open to that, which is why the ball went high right,” explained Corey. 

If you’ve been to the Clubhouse, then you’ve probably already seen or used the Trackman outdoor golf simulator. Although there are several choices available, this is the brand that Corey highly recommends. However, you can anticipate a hearty price tag to go with it. Plan to spend about $50k with Trackman. 

If you’re looking for something more affordable, SkyTrak SIG10 has been recommended as a great package for under $10k, and is an all-inclusive set-up feasible for both amateurs and pros. It comes with a state-of-the-art launch monitor device, dual doppler radar system and software that accurately tracks ball and club data, along with a simulator studio.

If you’re wanting to go all-in for a top-of-the-line simulator, look no further than the HD Golf Simulator Ultimate Entertainment package. The steep $70k price tag comes with everything you can imagine, from a giant flat screen monitor to surround sound and rear stereoscopic cameras. 

“There are a ton of options out there. It really comes down to how much space you have and what type of experience you want. I recommend Trackman because they offer full in-home simulator sales and installation,” said Corey.

According to Lauren Iler, Director of Client Relations at Todd Glowka Builder, Inc., they’ve been seeing home golf simulators trending for the past seven to eight years. “We have one installed in a completed home and one in a job under construction right now,” she noted.

Corey noticed things shifted during the pandemic. “Simulators have been around a long time, but when COVID hit, that really blew up the market. Interestingly, it’s also about the time when the tech got more affordable. They used to cost $100k to build in-home.”

Keith Norman agreed, “The idea was a trend, it seemed, during the pandemic because we do not get the request that often anymore. However, the simulators we have installed are typically incorporated into some kind of game room area. The simulators are brilliant for practice, but also have an inherent entertainment factor!”

Prepare to Play

Although, you can certainly install in your current home, if you’re planning on a new build, it’s ideal to do your research or get a consultation before the design phase, as it could affect the building requirements. 

“What I hear from home builders is the more info they have on the product, the easier it is for them to create something the homeowner’s going to love,” said Corey. “You want to make sure the ceiling’s high enough and there’s enough depth and width in the room. Give them a chance to tailor the room to your needs as opposed to shoe-horning it into a room that’s a foot too narrow.” 

Tricia Lloyd with Garner Homes agrees, adding, “When these things are not taken into consideration during the design phase, it is hard to find a place for one unless you want to use your garage space.”

Keith confirmed, “All simulators come with specifications for the install — size of the space and distance from the 

walls, for example. There is minimal electrical needed. The respective companies always have field support to ensure quality installation.”

Gabriel Garcia, President of Pasadera Builders, is currently building three homes in Cordillera Ranch that will include golf simulators. He added, “The key to being able to install a golf simulator correctly is room size — I mean volume. It’s not enough to just have a room with the square footage. Ceiling height is very important in order for the sensor to work accurately. A typical building detail that gives Pasadera an advantage to building a golf simulator is the fact that we use double sole plates to allow for a finish floor above the top of the slab. This is critical to allow for the golf flooring system to be 2-3/8” above the top of concrete. Our floors, whether they be wood, tile or carpet are 2-3/8” above top of concrete. The golf simulator floor system uses a substrate under the turf to allow for putting holes and slope undulation. Our building methods and this floor system create a seamless floor elevation that does not look like an afterthought.” 

If it’s starting to sound a bit too complex, don’t worry. Corey offers some final advice. “There are just so many options out there, so a big part of it is doing the research and, of course, speaking to your local golf professional … which is me!” he said. Just another perk of living in Cordillera Ranch!

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