New Year, New You

By Kelsey Grudle  ::  Staff photography by Kelsey Grudle

Year after year, countless New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more are made. While these are a priority at the beginning of the year, they have often been abandoned by the end of January, leaving a feeling of hopelessness and failure. A New Year does symbolize a fresh start, but it’s important to remember that it isn’t a time to make sweeping changes, trying to implement as many improvements as possible all at once. It’s really about reflecting on past behaviors and setting attainable goals to make positive lifestyle changes. Starting with small, short-term goals and focusing on improving one or two behaviors at a time is a realistic approach that will provide feelings of accomplishment as well as the motivation to keep going. It’s equally important to ask for support in reaching your goals, whether it be friends and family to cheer you on, or professionals who can coach you towards a successful outcome. This year, let The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch fitness and spa professionals help you achieve your goals. For exercise plans, nutrition guidance, pain management and relaxation, they can guide you on your health and wellness journey.

Meet Our Professionals 

Ann-Kristin Allen, 210.367.5942

Ann-Kristin-Allen-Final-1217Ann-Kristin Allen brings four decades of experience and passion, calling Cordillera Ranch a home base since 2006. In the pursuit of ensuring her clients’ goals, she is well known and highly respected in the fitness world as the “trainer of the trainers” due to her unique, innovative, intelligent and fun coaching style. AK works with this Aristotle quote in mind, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

Inspired at an early age by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, known as the “Father of Preventive Medicine” and for the aerobics revolution, AK holds six certifications from the Copper Institute in Dallas. For the past 17 years, AK has devoted her training to understanding the correlation of body mechanics as it relates to the game of golf. She is a TPI Certified Fitness Professional Level 3 and Level 2 Yoga for Golfers, Certified Instructor and advisory board member. AK is continuing her studies under Dr. Guy Voyer (MD and DO) to obtain her Diploma in Soma Training. Dr. Voyer is a world-renowned expert on the fascial system of the body, and a Soma Trainer is skilled in understanding the fascial system of the human body and how it relates to muscular, spinal and visceral health and function. AK is a ELDOA Certified Level 3, which is part of Soma Training, but also a stand-alone program. In technical terms, ELDOA means Longitudinal Stretching with Osteo-Articular Decoaptation. In simple terms, the ELDOA is used to target a specific joint (region) to decompress, relieve pain and restore function and balance. AK is also a Certified Light MD provider at Cordillera Ranch. Light MD is a FDA-approved modality to reduce pain and increase circulation. It has provided a high success rate for the members.

In January 2018, AK will begin her one-year coaching program with Garrett Kramer, founder of Inner Sports and author of Stillpower and Path of No Resistance. She is part of a select group of coaches who are not only dedicated to their players, clients and their own careers, but also to changing the face of performance coaching.

Kris Cranknell, 210.860.7322

Kris-Cracknell-Final-1217Did you know that The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch has a room dedicated to all things Pilates? Pilates is a popular system of exercises that utilize various pieces of equipment to help to stretch, strengthen, balance and tone the body. Our Pilates studio features top-of-the-line equipment, including a Pilates reformer, Cadillac and wunda-chair. Not familiar with Pilates? Wondering what a reformer reforms and if a wunda-chair is for sitting? Our highly trained Pilates instructor Kris Cracknell would love to answer any questions and share her love and knowledge of this incredible movement system. Kris brings seven years of teaching experience, and as a perpetual student and practitioner, she recently completed a Masters in Pilates Teaching program. She has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of clients, ranging from professional athletes to weekend warriors recovering from injury, and everyone in between. Private lessons are available so take advantage of the many benefits of Pilates without leaving the ranch!

Kevin Durio, 214.232.8603

Kevin-Durio-Final-1217With 20 years of training experience, Kevin Durio is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and The Cooper Institute, and is a trained instructor in law enforcement, military and fire service fitness issues through Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC).

Kevin is also a certified boxing coach under USA Boxing, the governing body of International Games, Pan Am Games and Olympic boxing, and has over 40 years of Martial Arts training, holding the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt with additional training in a number of diverse Arts. He specializes in teaching youth, junior and adult Martial Arts and women’s self-defense workshops here at The Club.

Recently, Kevin published a book titled Naked Fitness I. It is an easy to follow and truly simplified guide to begin your new fitness life, aiming to alleviate the fear and hesitation of starting a fitness routine and incorporating it into a healthier life.

Kelly Vizzone, 210.442.9061

Kelly-Final-1217As a fitness professional, Kelly demonstrates how to live a vibrant life! She first fell in love with teaching group exercise classes while attending The University of Texas at Austin. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration, Kelly continued to teach fitness and obtained a national certification through ACE Fitness, along with several other certifications in exercise. Kelly teaches a wide variety of classes that include Yoga, Aqua Zumba, Barre, Step, PoundFit and more. This summer, Kelly will introduce Paddle Board Yoga to The Club. She believes that fitness should be accessible to anyone that wants it in their life and even to those who are not sure if they do! While many people train or exercise with a specific goal in mind, Kelly likes to remind people of something that she has learned through her yoga practice: “Exercising for health is about the journey, not the final destination.” She is always excited to serve the members at Cordillera Ranch with her many years of experience and loves to share her passion of music and movement through fitness.

Amanda Rebollar, 773.701.1797

Amanda-Rebollar-Final-1217Amanda has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2010. With advanced training in Reflexology, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, her specialties include back, shoulders, feet, glutes and neck. She is continually learning new ways to relieve pain using alternative methods of healing the body to balance, align and relieve the tension that causes stress and discomfort. Amanda dedicates herself to her work and takes pride in helping members in managing their pain.

Tammera Aranda, 817.909.2152

Tammera-Final-1217Tammera Aranda has worked in the spa industry for over twenty years and brings the best skin care treatments to Cordillera Ranch. As a certified esthetician and massage therapist, Tammera has found her true passion in skin care and strives to customize each skin treatment to the unique needs of her clients. Tammera appreciates the opportunity to be a part of a team of spa professionals at Cordillera Ranch who bring their greatest knowledge and experience to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle, and to help members and their guests feel their best.

Kelsey Grudle is the Recreational Supervisor at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. She can be reached at or 830.336.9000, x 172.

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