New Website for the CRPOA

Kevin Koether, CRPOA General Manager

Cordillera Ranch Property Owners Association is proud to announce that we are launching an all new, fully updated website. The new website boasts easier navigation, online reservations for amenities and dynamic forms, and will enhance communication from the POA to all property owners. The website also ties directly into our CRM/Accounting hub, making sure your account stays up to date. The goal of the website is to create an environment online where property owners can locate Cordillera Ranch documents and notifications, and submit requests to the POA.

The website will default to property owners once logged in to the Community Feed. This is where the POA staff will be able to post community updates, meeting notices, emergency announcements, etc. Property owners will have the option to opt in to allow the website to send them notifications when a post is made on the Community Feed. The notification options are email, text message or SMS. We genuinely hope that all property owners will take advantage of the ability to opt in to email and text messaging as we know that emails can be overlooked. The homepage lists the POA Administrative Team’s and Maintenance Leaderships’ names and job titles along with contact information for the POA. At the bottom of the homepage, we have listed Quick Access Links to a number of local organizations.

There are online forms that can be submitted to the POA. The forms include but are not limited to Cordillera Ranch Burn Permits and Property Owner Information Updates, as well as a form for Reporting a Safety or Security Concern. These forms will load directly into the POA CRM hub and notify POA staff. Part of what makes the new website a welcome change is the ability for the POA staff to update the website as the needs of the community evolve. We expect to add additional forms as part of the ongoing evolution of Cordillera Ranch.

Reservations for POA amenities will now be made through the website. When you click on the Reservation link, it will direct you to the amenity selection page. Upon selecting the amenity, you will be taken to that specific page where the rules of the reservation will be highlighted, you can enter your name and select your reservation date and time on the calendar. If the amenity you are trying to reserve is already reserved by another property owner, you will see that space blocked out on the calendar. From there you will be asked to confirm your contact information and your request will be sent to the POA. The POA administrative staff will then have the task of reviewing your request and either approving or denying the request, which you will receive notification of. 

Under our Resources tab, you will find a drop down, which will allow you to access Web Links for our different utility companies, local schools, city websites, etc. Property owners will also be able to view and download POA Newsletters, Governing Documents, Meeting Minutes and other pertinent POA information. You will also be able to pay your annual assessments using the Make a Payment link. 

We are very excited to debut this new and updated website for all property owners. We believe it is another step forward in our goal towards proactive communication. We hope that each of you will find great benefits in this change, and we look forward to your feedback. 

Kevin Koether is the Cordillera Ranch Property Owners Association General Manager. He can be reached a and 830.336.3501.

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