New Outfitter Center at Cordillera Ranch

By Shane Reynolds

Very few clubs or communities in Texas have embraced a natural landscape and active outdoor lifestyle as Cordillera Ranch. Fewer still have managed to capture a sense of place and outdoor tradition with such timeless authenticity and character. With a deep respect for nature’s beauty on the ranch, it is the sporting lifestyle and the Guadalupe River that makes Cordillera Ranch wonderfully unique.


The Club will be opening the new Outfitter Center in 2016, a long time in the making. For the first 10 years of the Club’s existence, the Outfitter Center has operated out of the historic Stagecoach House at the end of Swede Springs, just above Swede Creek Lake. As quaint and charming as it has been, our operation quickly outgrew the small place and we’ve been planning a new Outfitter Center for some time.

The ideal location was our first challenge. With a long-term approach as to the best location considering what Cordillera Ranch will look like in 15-20 years, we looked at several options and concluded the center of the community near the river would be an ideal location. The chosen location is just off 3351 near the “east gate,” a short two minute drive to the river crossing at Edge Falls Rd. Around 90 percent of our river club trips end at Edge Falls Rd., and it’s much more efficient for an outfitter to be near the take out compared to the launch site.

In classic Hill Country fashion, the new Outfitter Center will blend local materials and aesthetics into a space that captures the imagination of the outdoor lifestyle. Dig a bit deeper, however, and you’ll discover a “home base” for one of the finest outfitter programs in Texas. From the Outfitter Center, our staff will coordinate and conduct guided fishing excursions of all forms, from fly fishing for reds on the Texas coast, to catching bass on the Guadalupe River and Canyon Lake, to heading south to the Devils River for smallmouth bass, and beyond. Should you prefer to fish on your own, the Outfitter Center will offer a private storage and launch service for your personal boat — giving all Cordillera Ranch members access and use of our most precious resource, the river.

Many owners have discovered the rejuvenating and cardiovascular attributes of kayaking the river. Miles upon miles of river await exploration for those inclined to engage this natural wonderland. Whether for pleasure on an evening sunset paddle, or for sport as a programmed exercise event, kayaking offers a unique form of fitness in a setting that will inspire you to uncover your best self.

Tubing is also a popular pastime in the Hill Country and we’ll certainly have plenty of tubes on hand for those family gatherings.

The new Outfitter Center will not only be the home for all the Club river and fishing equipment, but there will also be a pro shop with retail sales for Club members of select outdoor equipment designed to make your outdoor experience much more enjoyable. The center will offer fishing and kayaking equipment as well as some small outdoor sundry items. The Outfitter Center will also serve as a dealer for several top kayak, kayak equipment and fishing equipment manufacturers for your kayaking and fishing needs. Additionally, our outfitter staff are trained to offer rigging and repair services for all your kayak needs.

Beyond exquisite golfing and dining, The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch offers an adventurous Outdoor Pursuits program encompassing nearly any outdoor activity under the sun or moon. Spend an afternoon on kayaking, shooting, riding horses, practicing archery or fishing just minutes away from your home. The new Outfitter Center will be the hub for all things outdoor on the ranch!

Shane Reynolds is the Outdoor Recreation Director. He can be reached at or 210.616.6051, or the Cordillera Ranch Outfitter Center at 830.336.4823.


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