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Cordillera Ranch Realty Team Flourishes from Knowledge of and Location Within Community

By Robert Rodriguez

Inside the sparkling new Vista Visitors Center sits a group of people highly instrumental in the success of Cordillera Ranch.

Their accomplishments are on full display throughout the community and Club. A homesite being cleared; new homes under construction; perhaps a new friendly face at the adjacent dining room table, hitting balls on the range, or working out in the Fitness Center — chances are, the Cordillera Ranch Realty Team was the catalyst for the new home, resident or member at the Club.

The team, which consists of four outstanding realtors — John Kuhry, Charles Mueller, Vance Waller and Carey Yeager, and Director of Real Estate Sales Barry Denton, quite often serve as Cordillera Ranch’s first impression after a prospect checks in at the guard house and arrives at the Vista Visitors Center. The CR Realty Team members know their role, and they cherish every opportunity to meet with prospective residents and members to learn what their desires and needs are, and showcase everything Cordillera Ranch has to offer.

When it comes to knowledge of the Club, community and the lifestyle found at Cordillera Ranch, there is no equal to a CR Realty professional. Each team member focuses solely on homesites and existing homes within the community; in fact, most of the CR Realty Team live in Cordillera Ranch. Which begs the question — why would someone wanting to buy or sell within the community choose anyone else for this process?

In this issue, each member of the CR Realty Team will answer that question and share some of their recent success stories. In future issues, you will learn more about the team members, including which one befriended a famous football player, who was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, who lives in the “cookie house” and which team member would invite Amelia Earhart to dinner.

Why should those who choose to buy or sell in the community choose Cordillera Ranch Realty?

John Kuhry

“Our agents only work Cordillera Ranch. I am not worrying about other homes in my portfolio other than homes within the community that we represent. We are not just selling their house, we’re selling the lifestyle. Very few agents are equipped to do that — they do not have the access or the knowledge that we have. When you list with an outside agent, they are basically only selling the house. We sell Cordillera Ranch as a whole. Once they tour the entire community, they see that they are also investing in a lifestyle, not just a house. We have unique access to the Clubs’ staff and facilities, which is critical to marketing property in the community. It is easy for us to sell that; it is almost like the house is secondary.”

“My wife and I had been looking for a special place to retire for years. I happened to run across Cordillera Ranch in my search and fortunately spoke to John Kuhry. We drove in from West Texas, met John and began the process of determining if Cordillera Ranch was a match for what we were looking for. John has immense knowledge of the real estate market, the growth of Boerne and the property values. He is honest, and respectful of his clients’ time. John was instrumental in helping us find our retirement home.” – Mark and Linda

Charles Mueller

“Selling within Cordillera Ranch is all I do. I do not represent buyers all over the city or county; I work exclusively in Cordillera Ranch. Therefore, I know the product better than anybody. It is that knowledge and expertise of being on-site that gives us the advantage. When it comes to marketing a homesite and undeveloped property, we are uniquely suited for that because many outside agents can’t find a particular lot out here. When it comes to selling homesites, we are the best because we are the only team within Cordillera Ranch.” 

“We recently purchased at Cordillera Ranch with the assistance of Charles Mueller. His professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm for all that Cordillera Ranch has to offer is infectious. He was a joy to work with and he made the buying process fun with his great sense of humor. He listened attentively and helped us identify the perfect location for our future dream home.” Raj and Linda 

“As Cordillera Ranch property owners and future residents, we would like to express our gratitude for the hard work of Charles Mueller in helping us locate the perfect property for our dream home. Coming from Corpus Christi, we were drawn to the Hill Country and the inherent charm of the Cordillera Ranch lifestyle. Charles was empathetic, professional and, most importantly, not only listened to our needs and wants in a homesite, but was sensitive to what we were looking for in a community. His continued enthusiasm in staying in touch after the sale has contributed greatly to our excitement and anticipation of calling Cordillera Ranch ‘home’ in the very near future.”  Gary and Mary

Vance Waller

“We have intimate knowledge of the property and the amenities, and can tell clients how they will benefit from those. Also, we are physically on the property — that is a tremendous advantage. Those two factors equate to better results for the client. Lots of communities in the Texas Hill Country have beautiful homes, but the amenities and assets in Cordillera Ranch are what make it unique. Once you buy a home or homesite with us, our service and relationship does not stop. It really carries on – we have clients who come to us for recommendations on outside services, and they also come to us for social introductions through the neighborhood and Clubs. Our relationship and service with the client carries on well beyond what an outside realtor would maintain.”

“From the concierge services with Vance being at our home for all showings, to being able to share all the wonderful amenities of Cordillera Ranch along with the seamless process from listing to closing, we say thank you to Vance and the Cordillera Ranch Realty Team. With Vance’s professionalism, expertise and his sincere support of Cordillera Ranch, the sale of our home was successful and exceeded our expectations.” Scott and Veronica

“Working with Vance was an extreme pleasure and totally exceeded our expectations. Given the nature of the Cordillera Ranch development, I did expect a certain level of professionalism, but Vance is truly outstanding. From the outset Vance was attentive, listened to our needs, priorities and plans, and was professional regarding all aspects of our search and purchase. He is extremely knowledgeable about the development and the area. He was patient while we conducted our due diligence and answered all questions we had about the development and the process.” Vince and Ashley 

Carey Yeager

“We are on-site and available to our clients and prospective clients. Plus, Cordillera Ranch is all I do. Having been a realtor outside of Cordillera Ranch and through my experience, I find that that is a huge factor. We know the community extremely well. We are not just walking a homesite or selling a house, we are showcasing all the aspects of Cordillera Ranch and assisting someone in making the right decision that fits their desires.”

“Selling a home that you have enjoyed for a number of years is bittersweet. Choosing the right realtor can be a make-or-break decision. Fortunately for us, Carey Yeager was the perfect choice. She made selling our home not only a smooth transaction, she did it in nine days! Carey went above and beyond the duty of a realtor by ensuring our move-out was painless. She is the ultimate professional and her attention to detail and dedication to her clients is unparallelled.” Richard and Carol

“We recently closed on our new home and want to take this time to applaud our wonderful realtor, Carey Yeager. We had been looking in several communities over the past few years for a retirement place. We had met with Carey about three years ago, but were not at the retirement stage then. We looked in Granbury, Glen Rose, the coast area, just to mention a few. We kept coming back to the Boerne area and knew Cordillera Ranch was our favorite.

When we stopped by the office to ask about properties, Carey came down the hall with a big smile on her face. It only took a few moments for all of us to remember our first meeting. She took us on a tour of the properties, asked us all the right questions about budget, styles, interests in hobbies and activities. She compiled a list for us to see the next day, including model homes and different builders. We so appreciated all the information she gave us to keep within our budget.

Once we decided on our house, she was a trooper in getting the ball rolling for everything to come. Living five hours away in Midland, she was so helpful in getting things done for us without having to make so many trips before the closing. Every detail was covered and explained to us.

Carey has also been so helpful with recommendations for services that we need. And I know that we can call or email her anytime we have further questions about our new community. Carey made sure we got to see all that Cordillera Ranch has to offer and explained the different activities. We cannot thank Carey enough for all she did to help us find our retirement home.” Duane and Kim

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