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Gary Short, Director of Real Estate Sales

Upon your arrival at Cordillera Ranch, and just beyond the main gate, you’ll find a beautiful Visitor’s Center perched atop one of the highest spots on the entire Ranch. With 20+ mile views overlooking the Guadalupe River Valley and all the information you could ever want, it is the definitive place to stop for details about the more than 9,100-acre community.

Inside you’ll find CR Realty and four agents who are dedicated solely to the property within the bounds of Cordillera Ranch. Charles Mueller, Carey Yeager, John Kuhry and Vance Waller spend seven days a week helping families navigate the different options available and have done so for many years. They are the undisputed experts when it comes to purchasing or selling a property in Cordillera Ranch and the results they produce for their clients speak directly to that expertise.

Because these four professionals know every inch of Cordillera Ranch and the most current market trends, they can guide their clients through the buying and selling process in a timely and efficient manner. Not only do their clients speak for them (as you’ll see below), but their results also say all you need to know — CR Realty listings sell for an average of 4% more and at a 40% quicker pace than anyone else. They also account for approximately 60% of the market share when it comes to home sales and nearly 90% when it comes to homesites. Simply put, there is no other group with its finger on the pulse of Cordillera Ranch like the group of individuals with CR Realty.   

There appears to be real value from both a knowledge and dollars standpoint realized by clients that work with CR Realty. Why would you say that is?

Charles Mueller

“Collectively our team possesses over 75 years of experience in the real estate industry. We are the only on-site real estate office, and we exclusively sell Cordillera Ranch. As a result, our team is intimately familiar with not only all available properties, but also all applicable covenants, restrictions, the property owners’ association, Club membership, etc. That level of knowledge and expertise has enabled our clients to consistently realize a greater return in a shorter period when selling than if they were represented by an outside brokerage firm.”

Carey Yeager

“Having an on-site office with agents that excel in their knowledge of Cordillera Ranch, as this is the only community we work within, assures availability to residents as well as new clients. Cordillera Ranch is a unique community with many lifestyle opportunities, so it’s imperative to share those details with clients. All aspects of Cordillera Ranch, whether it be availability of properties for sale, knowledge of properties yet to come on the market, or the ability to provide details when considering building sites is where we excel. This combination provides our clients with the ability to make the most educated decision for their family. As a resident Realtor, I live, work and believe in Cordillera Ranch.”

Vance Waller

“Our extensive knowledge of the property and amenities equates to a distinct advantage for our clients. We are well acquainted with the nuances of every available property here. This assures our clients that their time will be respected, and their property search will be focused and meaningful. For our clients interested in selling a Cordillera lot or home, we maintain an active list of prospective buyers interested in specific homes and lots, saving our clients time while optimizing the value of their investment.”  

John Kuhry

“The true value of working with a Cordillera Ranch agent is the fact that we only work with clients who are either current property owners or prospective property owners, so whether you are a buyer or a seller, we know the Cordillera Ranch market and are well-armed to help guide you with the purchase of a homesite and the building process. Being a Club member and property owner allows me to live the Cordillera Ranch lifestyle and it is my pleasure to share that with you.”

Gary Short is the Director of Real Estate Sales at Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at gshort@cordilleraranch.com and 830.336.3570. 

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