Fall Into Fitness With A Plan

Welcome to fall, or maybe I should say, “Welcome to extended summer!” Know this: our fall is so refreshing when it arrives in late October. The more reason to recognize the extra burn of calories and release of toxins through perspiration for just a little bit longer.

While many have gone to other places to cool off, they have a plan. In Colorado, Wyoming and many other cooler states, members are off to walk the trails. In that elevation, they are staying active and working hard. Those of us staying here know that it is time to refresh our workout programs, even if it means working out indoors or choosing our morning walk time to be earlier.

The Fall Into Fitness 8-Week Fitness Challenge is well underway, and I am so proud of our member participants! If you are not familiar with the challenge, let me tell you a bit about it. Upon sign-up, each member receives: 

• InBody measurements, which measures your body fat and lean muscle percentage, your weight, and your segmentallean analysis. This is a comparison of how much lean muscle each of your limbs and trunk have. 

• Girth measurements, aka: inches. All measurements happen at the beginning, mid-way and at the end of the challenge. 

• Precision Nutrition Macro Calculation session, plus nutritional guidance throughout the challenge 

• Five Bonus Burn Workouts with Tamra 

• Mini Challenges within the Challenge 

• Weekly Videos with a Workout Tip, a Nutrition Tip and a Motivational Tip 

• Constant availability for any guidance or questions you have along your fitness journey 

• Three winners are announced at the end of the Challenge with amazing prizes! 

These challenges take place in January, in the spring and in the fall. This year, we are offering a 6-week bonus challenge to get you in shape, pre-holidays! This will be a kick-start to conquering the holiday bulge. The Turkey Trim Challenge will begin on October 8 and the winners will be announced on November 18! This is the perfect way to get yourself in great shape for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year get-togethers.

Whether you join a challenge or create one for yourself, make the routine you do all yours! Find something that changes your workout enough to make your body work harder. When the cooler weather finally arrives, take workouts outside. Being outside opens up all of your senses and is so good for you physically and emotionally.

 Have you ever tried a 5k walk or run? Perhaps a half marathon? This is the season to take on such challenges! Training for something is the perfect way to change your program and find that you can do more than you thought you could! We have the 5k Turkey Trot and Stuffing Stroll the day after Thanksgiving and there are so many races throughout the holiday season.

We don’t have to be stuck in the same ol’ routine … fall in love with your fitness plan change-up!   

Val McLeod has just joined our team of trainers and instructors all the way from Canada. She loves fitness and has been in the industry for 30 years. Val has been successful in 17+ marathons, the Ironman triathlon, as well as L’ETAPE Tour de France. Val instructs cycle, Zumba, STOTT Pilates and is an AFAA-certified personal trainer. She is excited to join us at Cordillera Ranch to train you for any goals you may have!

Tamra Christiansen is the Fitness and Wellness Director at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. She can be reached at tchristiansen@cordilleraranch.com and 830.336.9184.

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