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Wine and food pairings are an individual’s choice and every person’s sense of taste is different. Part of what can be an everyday dining experience is being able to select a suitable beverage to match a meal. What used to be a simple choice is often a challenge now, given the number of wines that are available in the marketplace. My drink of choice was often an ice cold beer; until I discovered wine, that is, as so many of us do. Never mind the medicinal benefits with enjoying a nice glass of red wine. Wine is now the top choice of the average person.

diningSo many choices… what’s a person to do with all the wonderful wines to select from all over the globe?

Let’s begin with Rule #1: What you like to drink always takes precedence over any recommendation that we might make.

Here on the ranch, we continue trying to create unique products, services, and programming designed to provide a world class lifestyle. Our Five at Five Food & Wine pairings mission is to provide our members with a way to taste wines and showcase our Chef’s talents. The format is simple – five wine tastings reasonably priced and matched with perfectly paired bite-sized tapas designed to enhance each wine selection.

Five at Five is a perfect opportunity to meet other wine lovers. Members are able to enjoy wine and learn a little about the many different varietals from around the world or to taste wines from boutique wineries.

But what’s really the best part about Five at Five is that it brings members together that might not have met otherwise.

This is living, pure and simple!

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