Cordillera Ranch MGA News

The Cordillera Ranch Men’s Golf Association has done a great job this year of establishing a new website for their members. It contains information about the purpose of the MGA and how to join, upcoming events at The Club, tournament results and ways to enjoy your golf experience even more. Thanks to John Freud for his work on the MGA website and Mark McCurley for his work on the golf course etiquette communications.

The MGA Board has also taken the lead on communicating ways members can take a leadership role in caring for the golf course. Recommendations include the importance of and how to repair divots on the bent grass putting surfaces as well as the proper etiquette when raking our newly renovated bunkers. The MGA wants to encourage all our members to be ambassadors for good golfing etiquette and behavior while playing this game we love. Our Club has made a major investment to give us great bunker conditions and greens, so our suggestion is to make proper repairs a committed and habitual part of every round.

Greens Improvement

1 Use the right ball mark repair process

Insert your tool into the soil behind the rear of the ball mark at a 45 degree angle and gently pull the top of the tool toward the center. Continue working around the ball mark, three to four times, and use your putter or foot to gently tamp down to make it smooth and level.

2. Apply the “Plus One” rule

When walking on to the putting surface, find the ball mark you made and properly repair it, then seek out another mark and repeat. Over time it will be a lot harder to find that second ball mark.

3. Spread the message

Whether you are playing with other members, family or your guests, help them to remember to repair their ball marks, teach them the proper way and tell them about our PLUS ONE plan.

Bunker Improvement

1. Always enter and exit the bunker at the correct location

2. Walk to your ball and follow the same direct path for exit

3. Take the rake with you and use it to smooth your shot divot and all footprints

4. Use the appropriate sides of the rake to smooth the sand surface to carefully prepare the bunker for others

5. If you see a other areas in the bunker that need raking, take an extra minute and repair

Cordillera Ranch New Cart Fleet

Recently, Cordillera Ranch received a new golf cart fleet! The Club Car Precedent golf cart fleet is state-of-the-art as improvements have been made to the internal parts of the cart as well as the premium upgraded logoed seats, accessible USB ports and a new custom metallic brown color that has received great comments from our members. Come out soon, play some golf and give one of the new carts a test drive!

Private Cart Rules and Regulations

• Only homeowners in the Clubs Village area may utilize a private cart on the golf course

• All private carts to be used on the course must be purchased through the Golf Shop

• Carts must match The Club’s fleet or the premium Garia option that is available

• The Club does not repair or maintain private golf carts

• A Private Cart Trail Fee Agreement must be signed and on file for each member

• Annual Trail Fees are billed in January each year

• Trail Fees apply to the member and his/her immediate family only as all other riders pay the current applicable cart rate


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