Cordillera Ranch – FAQ’s, Myths, Rumors and Answers to Such

In response to a growing number of questions about Cordillera Ranch real estate, development and memberships, we’re going to periodically address common FAQ’s in the magazine. Below are a select few that hopefully provide helpful insight and answers.

Does Cordillera Ranch Realty sell homes and resale lots in the community or just developer lots?

CR Realty is a FULL service brokerage company that DOES list and sell spec homes, resale homes and resale lots in addition to developer lots. Historically, CR Realty has listed and sold 50% of all resale homes and 80% of all resale lots in Cordillera Ranch.

 I hear that The Springs of Cordillera Ranch is all smaller lots and will be populated with smaller homes than the rest of Cordillera Ranch.  Is that true?  

FALSE. The first phase of The Springs of Cordillera Ranch consists of 65 lots out of the 1,000+ that are planned in The Springs of Cordillera Ranch. One enclave incorporates 15 lots that range in size from 0.70 acre to 1+ acres and have a minimum square footage requirement of 2,600 square feet. The remaining 40 lots of The Springs range in size from 1 acre to 3.65 acres and have minimum square footage requirements ranging from 3,000 – 3,900 square feet. To put that into perspective, roughly 800 of the 1,300 previously developed lots in Cordillera Ranch have a minimum square footage requirement of 2,200 – 3,000 square feet. To further clarify, the minimum square footage for homes in The Springs are more closely aligned with Clubs Village than with the 800 lots previously developed outside of Clubs Village. Lot size average in The Springs is ~2 acres. Homes will be spaced similar to the Riverwood and River Crossing areas of Cordillera Ranch, but will have the street scape of Clubs Village.

Can I get a Golf Membership without buying property?

Yes, you can get either a Conditional or Non-Recallable Golf Membership without buying property, but in order to get a Master Golf Membership, you need to purchase property. To learn more about the importance of getting a Master Golf Membership and making sure to identify a property that has the right to a Master Golf Membership, contact Debbie Pepper (Director of Membership at The Club) at 830.336.3570.

If I buy property in The Springs of Cordillera Ranch, can I get a Master Full Golf Membership?

ABSOLUTELY! (While they last)  Properties in The Springs have the same rights, privileges and access to any amenity and membership as any other lot or home in Cordillera Ranch. Current owners and residents of Cordillera Ranch will be happy to know that they will have equal access to the sports fields, walking paths, parks and any future amenities being developed in The Springs.

Is there any time requirement to build once you buy your lot?

Not anywhere except the Di Lusso Villas which require starting your home within 12 months of purchasing your lot. Otherwise, you can purchase a lot and take as much time as you want designing your dream home.

When will home construction begin in 

The Springs?

The first home is under construction! Garner Custom Homes began construction of a model home in November of 2016 and will break ground on a Spec Home in early 2017. Homes by other builders should commence in early 2017 as well.

Is there additional Guadalupe River frontage in The Springs of Cordillera Ranch? 

Yes. As a matter of fact there is more Guadalupe River frontage property in the future areas of The Springs than in the existing part of the community. Further, there are more creek frontage and bluff view home sites in The Springs than in other areas of the existing community. Lastly, Panther Creek, which flows through the first phase of The Springs, has the most reliable and consistent spring water source feeding it than any other creek on the 8,700 acres of Cordillera Ranch. Live water has flowed in Panther Creek consistently for at least the last 10 years straight, providing a beautiful setting for the Panther Creek Park and some of the home sites that back up to it.

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