10 Holiday Gifts at The Club

Megan Soltis, Communications & Family Events Manager

Gift certificates from The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch make the perfect holiday gifts for family and friends who need a little adventure or relaxation in their lives!

10. Massage or Facial

You cannot go wrong with this gift! Our Club Masseuses, Lisa Geiman, Amanda Rebollar and Oksana Robertson, will massage any stress away, “knotty or nice.” Get these gift certificates for the existing pricing before the price increase in January. 60-minute treatment for $90 (value of $100) or 90-minute treatment for $125 (value of $135). Due to the high demand, Massage Gift Certificates are limited to 10 per member and only available to the member that the certificate is issued to. If you want to pamper yourself, a friend or family member with a facial, get a Cordillera Classic Facial Gift Certificate for $120 ($145 value!). Facial Gift Certificates are limited to 10 per member, and are for the designated member only. 

9. 5-Stand and Flush Shotgun Package 

The 5-Stand and Flush Shotgun Package at the Gun Club accommodates a group of two to four shooters and includes shotguns, shells and six rounds (150 birds) on the 5-Stand and Flush field for $150 (value of $220).

8. Pilates  

This package is perfect for anyone new to the world of Pilates — a system of exercises that helps strengthen, stretch, balance and tone the body. The package includes three private Pilates training sessions with Pilates professional Ronnie White for $225 (value of $255). Available to new clients only.

7. Camping Outing   

Plan a Camping Trip with your family or friends. This package accommodates a group of four to six and includes all camping equipment, reservation service, set-up and strike equipment at campsite, and firewood so you can enjoy a beautiful evening under the stars at the river park at Cordillera Ranch. $235 (value of $372).

6. Personal Fitness Training   

A great way to start a New Year’s resolution is with this gift. This package includes five one-hour personal training sessions with professional trainer Tamra Christiansen, Kelly Vizzone, Kevin Durio or Val McLeod for $350 (value of $425). 

5. Tennis and Pickleball Lessons    

Do you have a tennis or pickleball enthusiast in your life? Treat them to five lessons from any of our pros, Joe De Luna, Brad Hill or Alejandro Chong, for $375 (value $450).

4. Gun Club Experience    

Have you wanted to try out everything the Gun Club has to offer? Give someone the gift of discovery with this full range experience. This certificate is good for one to four people, includes all guns and ammo, and you’ll get to experience our shotgun range, rifle range and handgun range for $150 (value $208).

3. Trail Ride    

Go on a gorgeous Hill Country Trail Ride with a group of four friends or family members for $175 (value $200). All Trail Rides are for those ages 12 and older.

2. Fishing Trip on the Guadalupe River     

Give a relaxing half-day trout or bass fishing trip on the Guadalupe River. This trip accommodates two people and includes beverages and fishing equipment for $400 (value $450).

1. Kayak Fishing Trip on the Devils River     

This spectacular river is the best in Texas by far! Any angler and adventurer would love to spend four nights on this bass fishing outing. $850 per person (value of $975). Please contact Shane Reynolds for any questions regarding this trip.

These special offers must be purchased by December 23, 2023, and ALL EXPIRE December 31, 2024.

Please contact Megan Soltis to purchase any of these great gift certificates.Megan is the Communications & Family Events Manager at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. She can be reached at msoltis@cordilleraranch.com and 830.336.9172.

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