Wine Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Cordillera Ranch Grape Stomp Festival
Saturday, September 28, 6:00-8:00pm, Poolside

Ever wonder how much work used to go in to making wine? Now you can experience firsthand the fun and excitement of stomping grapes! Join us at the Cordillera Ranch Grape Stomp Festival as we jump barefoot into a barrel full of grapes and see which team can produce the most juice. Each team will consist of two people: the Stomper and the Collector. The stomper will have five minutes to dance around in the barrel as the collector tries to get as much juice into their pitcher as possible. The team that collects the most juice after five minutes will be the NEW 2019 GRAPE STOMP CHAMPIONS! 

If you are not interested in a natural, exfoliating foot spa, you are more than welcome to come and cheer on your friends. The Grape Stomp Festival will have Italian Food Stations and a DJ, and Wine Specialist Jeffrey Cohen will showcase an excellent assortment of Italian wines.  

Come to WATCH: 
$29.95++ per person, includes the Italian Dinner Buffet

Come to STOMP: 
A stomping team consists of two people
$42.95++ per person, includes the Italian Dinner Buffet, 
Grapes and a T-Shirt

Stomping Teams Are Limited
Who will take home the 2019 CORDILLERA RANCH GRAPE 

Stomping Teams deadline to register is Friday, September 13.  Contact the Club Receptionist at 830.336.9000. 

Reservations required with a 48-hour notice of cancellation to avoid being billed. 

Grape Stomp Italian Food Stations

Griddled Asparagus-Crisp Prosciutto Salad
Tarragon apple saba
Italian Greens Salad
(baby arugula, radicchio, baby spinach)
Shaved pears, toasted walnuts, shredded pecorino,
Champagne and Modena vinaigrette
Ciliegini and Fresh Basil Salad
Black garlic, extra virgin olive oil, crushed red pepper flakes

Seared Scottish Salmon
Sundried Tomato Alfredo, Gremolata

Chicken Piccata
Lemon caper sauce with wilted spinach
Crisp Porchetta
Portobello mushroom sauce
Braised Escarole
Ratatouille vegetable ragout

Small Sweet Offerings
Presented by the Cordillera Ranch Pastry Team

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