Welcome Letter

There is no better time of year than Spring. After coming out of a brutally long and frigid Texas winter of 50 degree temperatures, it’s a relief to be able to finally put the light windbreaker back in the closet. As I sit here, it’s still mid-February and the Zoysia fairways here at Cordillera Ranch are already showing glimmers of green hope for what is my favorite time of the year.

The world-wide golf season is officially kicked off with the Cordillera Cup March 23th and 24th. This prestigious Ryder Cup-format draws players from all over the world (or at least the county) in a winner-take-all grudge match pitting the Hill team versus the Northington team in a duel that exposes every flaw in your bag (for some it may be better said that it exposes a few good shots over the weekend). Although the lopsidedness of past scoreboards won’t reflect it, it’s actually a great competition, if you can ignore the gloating and wise-cracking from Mac and his deer-antler-spray-infused team. However, there is no doubt that the tide in this rivalry (can we really call it a rivalry?) is turning. Nobody, and I mean nobody, beats the Hill team seven times in a row.

While the best golfers on the planet are battling in the Cordillera Cup, others, such as Bubba Watson, that didn’t qualify for “The Cup” will be preparing for The Masters. This early April rite of passage for some of golf’s lesser-knowns is God’s gift to HD television. It is eye candy for golf fans to watch on T.V. and if you’re lucky enough to set foot on the hallowed grounds it’s even more magical. Simply put, there is no better week of the year for golf fans and with the big names peaking, there’s no doubt this year will deliver an existing show as well. Who knows, maybe one of the hottest players to start the season – and local resident – will earn a late spot and keep the hot play alive.

If The Cup has you disgruntled with your own game but watching The Masters offers hope that the golf ball is not supposed to come off your clubface with the nerve-tingling clank of a hozzle-rocket, visit the annual Blockbuster Demo day Saturday April 13th at the Club. The golf staff at Cordillera Ranch will be hosting all of the of the top club manufacturers with the latest technology to give you an edge over your opponent, or at the very least perhaps something that’s a few grams lighter thus giving you extra distance when the club “slips out of your hands” in frustration. Either way, the Demo Day is the best way to get your bag ready for the 2013 season.

See you on the course!

Charlie Hill
Vice President
Cordillera Ranch

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