A community is more than homes within it, the grounds that are maintained or the beauty of its natural features.  The colors, character, energy and vitality of a community or neighborhood are way more than what can be designed and developed – though those are key building blocks – it’s the people that reside within it.  Cordillera Ranch is undoubtedly a beautiful, breathtakingly scenic and thoughtfully planned development, but the thousand-plus residents and club members that call it home help turn a spectacular neighborhood into an unmatched lifestyle and community.   The family-focused diverse lifestyle and amenities at Cordillera has helped cultivate a group of kids that excel in a wide range of sports, academics, arts and other areas of life.

With such a successful ‘youth movement’ we were spurred to do our first ever kids only cover feature for Cordillera Ranch Living.  Randomly selected, these kids represent just a small sliver of the deep pool of talented juniors in the community.  In searching for a few to include, it became clear that we could do a volume of magazines on the accomplishments and aspirations of these teens – and still not cover the whole bunch.  However, just reading the features on these twelve unique youngsters, you get a glimpse into the assorted mix of talents and families that call the area home.  Their achievements are inspiring, humbling and a reflection on some great parenting.  It’s easy to admire how well-spoken so many of these kids are, particularly as I think back on how I might have sounded at that age.  This group has been well-prepared for the life ahead and we’re proud to have them part of Cordillera Ranch.

Enjoy the read on these kids that are helping turn this picturesque neighborhood into a vibrant community energized by their ambitions and great character. It’s safe to say that the future here at Cordillera is bright!

See you around the Ranch,
Charlie Hill
Vice President
Cordillera Ranch

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