One of the best things about this magazine is highlighting the many unique families that call Cordillera Ranch home.  We are often asked, “What kind of people call Cordillera Ranch home?” and my answer is wide-ranging.  You have your retired couples looking to get away from the fast pace of the city to enjoy the peace and beauty of the Hill Country.  You also have plenty of near-retirement families looking for a great quality of life with a uniquely broad array of amenities all inside a gated community.  What sometimes surprises people is how many young families there are at Cordillera Ranch. Then you realize that Boerne features one of the best school districts anywhere in the state and you can match that with enough family and outdoor recreation activities that would make most week-long summer camp retreats envious, it starts to make sense why there has been such a youth movement in our fabulous community.

This leads us to our feature story, the Rice family, who epitomizes all of those descriptions. After building several successful businesses, Rodney spends much of his time keeping up with his three kids’ busy lives (which is pretty much a full-time gig for both Rodney and Ann).  The story highlights the successful business endeavors, the Rice’s busy family life and their passion for sports and outdoors.  However, spend any time around their three children and you’ll quickly witness how much commitment the Rice’s have for raising well-rounded, respectful and polite kids.  They are like so many of the kids and families that reside here, which makes it a refreshing place to call home.

Lastly, if you enjoy having a 10-year old demoralize you on a double-diamond ski run or on a shuffleboard table, you’re really in for a treat with the Rice kids.

Enjoy the read,
Charlie Hill
Vice President, Cordillera Ranch

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