It is really hard to believe that roughly 20 years ago the first homes in Cordillera Ranch were being built. These adventurous pioneers of this future master planned community selected their dream home sites in Unit 1 before roads were even complete – they were just being rough cut. They had faith in the notion that they were about to become part of something really special; a refuge from the daily chaos and hustle of life. What was it about their first impression of this raw, but scenic, slice of the Hill Country that inspired them to take such a grand leap ‘out in the sticks?’ It wasn’t the concept of a private Club, a Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, a spa and fitness facility, nor any of the other clubs or amenities we’ve all come to appreciate about The Ranch (none of which were planned then). It wasn’t because there was a sense of community at that time.

I think it was because of the most perfect curve in the community.

Think about the first time you came into Cordillera Ranch from Highway 46. The entry is intentionally minimalist and understated, then you meander along the edge of a gently rising hillside for a quarter mile with a sense of wonder about what could be around the bend. The anticipation is like the precursor to a crescendo.

Then, bam. It hits you just as you pass through the gate beyond Cordillera Ridge. The breathtaking bend and vista evaporates that stress you felt just moments before. There is something about this view, particularly on a clear day at sunrise or sunset casting the shadows of oaks across the valley floor that just breathes a sense of relief into you. We frequently hear the comment, “there is something about the feeling you get as you pass through the gate and around that bend in the road to the breathtaking view; it’s as if your problems just fade away into the horizon.”

Catch ‘the curve’ on a clear night and it’s equally revitalizing as the twinkling starry sky melts into the sparse, dimly lit homes sprinkled below. Regardless of the time of day, rarely does the curve not create a lasting impression on someone new to the community.

The best part about that vista is that it never gets old. I drive it many times a week and it reminds me to never take for granted this beautiful place we are blessed to call home. It also takes me back 20 years when the original home buyers were inspired by ‘this curve’ to plant their stake in the ground here. This hope and anticipation of what might be ‘just around the bend’ lives on today as we continue to add new areas, amenities and neighborhoods like the Springs Sports Park and the beautiful Panther Creek Park at the Springs.

If you’ve taken Cordillera Trace into the community, you understand this ‘perfect curve.’ The next time you are soaking it in, I hope you’re reminded of what inspired you to join the community like those early settlers of Cordillera 20 years ago.


Charlie Hill

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