Welcome to the 50th issue of Cordillera Ranch Living Magazine. Back in 2008, Chris Hill started the magazine as a way to share stories about Cordillera Ranch residents and, particularly, the path they traveled to find the community. The magazine was an opportunity to communicate about activities and events occurring in the expanding Ranch, but it didn’t stop there: the content would expand well beyond the gates of Cordillera to cover news, events, arts and history of the surrounding region.

Over the years the magazine has featured a diverse mix of families that have traversed nearly every continent, professional athletes, authors, a pastor, the inventor of the Post-It note, an African safari guide, an ultra-marathoner that tackles 150-mile races over a week in 100+ degree heat, and too many others to even mention (go to cordilleraranchliving.com and click on Archived Issues to see them). While the lives and careers of these feature stories may sound widely varied, one consistent theme among them is that they are self-driven, self-made individuals and families. Sure they had mentors, coaches, friends and family guide and support their paths, but the self-drive, ambition and vision is what pushed them to their successes, in both careers and life pursuits.

This issue further expands the horizon as we feature Clint and Roxie Orms and their world-renowned silversmith and engraving business: Clint Orms Engravers and Silversmiths. Although this feature may be highlighting a unique craft, it continues the common thread of how personal ambition and a deep passion to excel can carry people to the highest level of their trade. If you’ve seen Clint’s craftsmanship and detailed work, you quickly understand how his brand has become so highly regarded.

Between the diversity of the residents that have been covered by the magazine and the mixture of area interest stories, the magazine has grown to draw a much larger audience which now has a circulation of over 10,000 magazines printed every two months that are delivered to 48 states around the country. We hope you enjoy this 50th issue and that your passion for whatever fuels your fire continues to burn strong in 2017.

Have a Happy and Prosperous 2017!

Charlie Hill
Cordillera Ranch

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