This spring in Boerne something shocking happened at the Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. It’s being referred to as the “Miracle on the Turf” by golf historians around the world, but the 2015 Cordillera Cup didn’t need a late Mike Eruzione game-winning goal to secure the Cup for Team Hill over the Soviet-esque Northington team. The “trouncing,” as described by Team Hill member Jimmy Walker on national TV, was a compilation of two days of power play wins for the Hill Team in fourball, foursome and singles golf matches.

After the Northington Team had retained the Cup for eight straight years leading up to the 2015 event (in what Captain David Hill now refers to as the “warm-up years”), it was surprising for Team Hill to so resoundingly overcome Team Northington’s egregious sandbagging and well-concealed foot wedges. It was a 68.5 point to 43.5 point victory for Team Hill. The only thing missing from this year’s competition was the pillow fight that usually breaks out when Captain Hill battles drives a cart and yells at his clubs and golf balls for five hours in hopes of outlasting his opponent and long-time friend Captain Northington. The commentary from that focal match usually sounds more like Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men, but the tournament field was robbed of that annual comedy routine this year as Captain Hill was injured on the ski slopes leading up to the tournament and couldn’t play. This gave Mac Northington one sliver of joy to hold onto in defeat: the ability to continually remind David Hill that his absence in the tourney was the key to their team’s first victory.

Team Hill wanted to be respectful of the many years Team Northington had won the Cup (yeah, right), and decided that the time was right to finally accommodate Mac’s demand that a stone be added to the Champions’ Gallery to commemorate the Cordillera Cup winners from each year. I’m sure Mac will be pleased with how the new stone turned out:


I think the engraver may have made those Northington wins a little too large but this will have to work!

Anyway, it was great to pull off the win and even better to have so much great rain this spring to make the Hill Country lush and green. Enjoy this edition of Cordillera Ranch Living Magazine and have a great summer — and don’t mention the Cup to Northington for a few months.


Charlie Hill
Vice President
Cordillera Ranch

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