In September 2009, the Cordillera Ranch Living Magazine feature story titled “All Roads Lead to Cordillera Ranch” highlighted the broad diversity of members and residents that make up Cordillera’s unique fabric. The article noted that Cordillera residents have roots in all fifty states and six different continents, which illustrated how the Ranch had become a melting pot of people from all over the place with various backgrounds and adventurous paths to the Ranch. The consistent theme from the six families in this ‘around the world’ issue was that they were drawn to Cordillera for the lifestyle, the outdoors, the friendliness of the people and the family environment. While those sound cliché, the reality is they are the common thread that has not only drawn over a thousand families to Cordillera, but helped them forge so many new close friendships here on the Ranch.

Interestingly, you’ll find those same common threads in the varied profiles of this past year’s Living magazine cover features. We started the year with the Schofield’s busy corporate travels which had them seeking an outdoor lifestyle – and true community – that Cordillera offers. In the March issue, Adam Clements, born and raised in Africa, shared with us the world of African safari hunting, his life as a professional hunter and how the natural Hill Country beauty isn’t too dissimilar from the African landscape. The following issue went a completely different direction with an oil and gas executive from Tulsa/ Midland/ Dallas who chose the Di Lusso Villas as way to get in a tighter-nit enclave in the community and convenient clubhouse access while still getting the big Hill Country views and outdoors.

Our July feature, Randy Frazee, whose profession is articulating the gospel, best put into words what intrigues him about the Ranch, “Deep enduring friendships is what makes Cordillera work. Whether you meet people through golfing, doing dinners at your home, or working out together, when you live here, people will know your name.” The next issue offered us Paula Mitchell’s stories about conquering ultra-marathon’s all over the world and how the scenery and quietness of the Hill Country drew Paula and her family to the Ranch.

We concluded the year with the Hunke’s and their love of the outdoors which earned them the honor of Texas Land Steward of the Year after they sold off part of their El Tecolote Ranch to the Nature Conservancy as a way to forever preserve habitat for numerous endangered species. The Hunke’s noted how Cordillera’s unique layout mirrors their philosophy, “Cordillera is an example of how to build and keep the environment pretty close to the same as it is. This is set into nature, and they’ve really respected it and I think that’s really something that makes Cordillera.”

We hope you enjoyed the 2014 Living magazine features and are sure you’ll enjoy the first edition of 2015 with our feature, the World Series MVP, Josh Beckett. While Josh’s elite career as a dominating pitcher earned him two World Series rings and a World Series MVP, you’d never know it by the genuine, unpretentious, down-to-earth personalities that he and his wife Holly have. Their just another example of how people from all over the country with all backgrounds have gravitated towards Cordillera with for the Hill Country beauty and friendly people. Enjoy the read and Happy New Years to all.

Charlie Hill
Vice President
Cordillera Ranch

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