Trey Garner is Building A Legacy in Cordillera Ranch

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“I’m not just building beautiful homes but also creating a process to ensure our clients are taken care of from the initial consultation to move-in day and beyond.”

Celebrating a quarter century of excellence, Trey Garner, owner of Garner Homes, has been designing and building homes in premier neighborhoods surrounding the Texas Hill Country since 1998. He started building houses on the Ranch in 2005, and has currently begun his 90th home in Cordillera Ranch, each as unique as the residents who live inside.

Every Garner home is designed and built with exquisite craftsmanship and commitment to the customer experience, and it shows. The Garner Homes team has won 20 statewide Star awards from the Texas Association of Builders and 20 Summit Awards from The Greater San Antonio Builders Association, among other accolades. The team has also been recognized with a Best in American Living Award by the National Association of Home Builders and as a San Antonio Magazine Design Awards finalist. 

So, what sets Garner Homes apart? For Trey, it’s all about the process he built around the “Four Uniques.” 

“We balance creative design, inspired style and a beautiful product alongside a seamless process free of surprise costs or upsets,” explained Trey. “In this industry, that combination is hard to find.” 

The Four Uniques start with price and schedule certainty. “We can provide price certainty early in the process at the conceptual phase,” said Trey. “Very few builders price out projects at this stage, and most projects in the industry tend to go over budget.” Beyond that, the Garner team is able to adhere to a strict building schedule thanks to a robust staff of 19, including construction managers, interior designers and project coordinators. 

The next “Unique” is concierge-style service. “We want to make the home building process as smooth and easy for the client as possible,” explained Trey. “Our team is officed here in Cordillera Ranch, so we’re able to check in on projects and clients multiple times a day to deliver white glove-level service. It’s really about building lifelong relationships with clients. There are many days we will stop to say hello to past clients who have been enjoying their homes for years.” Thanks to a large team, close proximity and a dedication to service, Garner Homes can cater to their clients and guide them through every stage of the build. 

“We believe in building a quality home,” added Trey. This is where the next two “Uniques” come into play. First, Garner Homes works with premier architects, designers and builders to create high-performance homes. “Our builds are energy efficient, water-tight and made to last,” said Trey. “The homes we build will be comfortable and endure for years to come.” 

Finally, the last “Unique” that guides the Garner team is creativity and style. “Our team of architects and designers prides ourselves on being diverse,” said Trey. “We don’t pigeonhole ourselves into one style. We can build any style our clients desire and completely personalize their homes to their needs.” The team has built in every style in Cordillera Ranch, from Contemporary Hill Country and Modern Organic to French Country and Transitional Mediterranean. However, what every client appreciates most is the timelessness of each design. 

What the homeowners have to say …

Garner Home’s clients agree that the Four Uniques make all the difference in the building process and their finished homes.

From day one, everyone made us feel welcome, like we belong here. Still, to this day, the connection to the team is amazing. We were made so much a part of the team and their family.

Everything in our house is timeless. In 20 or 30 years from now, it will still be in vogue. It’s just so comfortable being in a house that’s so beautiful.

I have tears in my eyes when talking about how great Trey and his team are.

It’s great having people over. There are lots of oohs and ahhs when we have company. We love our house, and we love to show it off.

Pretty much everything they did exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect them to be able to accommodate everything I needed, but they did, and they delivered so much more.

We didn’t have any major change orders in the project that would affect the budget, and that was thanks to the great communication from the team.

Trey is Mr. Integrity. We just really liked him from the get-go.

“What it comes down to is our passion for this community and the families we build for,” shared Trey. “We specialize in building homes for Cordillera Ranch because we love what this area offers just as much as the residents who move here from all across the country. We’ve begun our 90th home here and continue to partner with clients on second homes. It’s all about building relationships; our client relationships are for life.”

Garner Homes 

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