Trail Boss Quarterly Experiences

Projecting a positive image and energy; Being courteous and respectful to all members; Demonstrating a consistent ability to go above and beyond what is expected; Adding new value to projects and serving as a role model and leader for peers.

These four statements are just a few of the qualities the staff members at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch strive for to become a “Trail Boss” employee.

Each year towards the end of January, we host our winter Employee Appreciation party where we celebrate our employees with dinner, entertainment and awards. The awards given are ranked by three different categories: Ranch Hand, Wrangler and Trail Boss. Ranch Hands are awarded to employees who have worked a minimum of three months, project a positive attitude to their fellow staff and members, exhibit exceptional work attendance by showing up for their shifts on time, and present a strong work ethic. Wranglers are awarded to employees with a minimum of six months of service and display characteristics of a Ranch Hand and also include going above and beyond in their responsibilities for their peers and members to recognize. Last, but most certainly not least, Trail Bosses are awarded to employees with a minimum of one year of service and include the characteristics of a Ranch Hand and Wrangler plus being a leader for their peers and showing the ability to work with all other departments to ensure a wonderful experience for our members throughout all of the Clubs on the Ranch.

We are so proud to acknowledge our Trail Boss employees who have shown exemplary work for their time at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch, and we are excited to celebrate their hard work with a new reward. For the first time this year, we are awarding Trail Bosses the chance to “experience the Ranch.” This will include quarterly outings throughout the different Clubs. All of our employees who received Trail Boss awards back in January will be able to participate in these “Trail Boss Quarterly Experiences.” These activities will show our employees sides of the Ranch they may never have seen before! This will give them a better understanding of each department and how they operate, while also being able to spend time doing something they might haven’t been able to try yet.

For the first quarter of this year, the Trail Boss Quarterly Experience will take place at the Gun Club. Employees will be invited to shoot for two hours at the Gun Range. Our Director of Outdoor Recreation, Shane Reynolds, will provide the safety measures, waivers, what to wear, and all the policies to ensure a safe, fun time. We will also have breakfast tacos, coffee, water and donuts for the staff to enjoy! This first experience will take place Wednesday, May 3, in the morning.

Our second quarter Trail Boss Quarterly Experience will be a yoga class in the Fitness Center, followed by two more quarterly experiences for our Trail Bosses as a reward and as a thank you for their hard work, positive attitudes, and leadership and role model qualities for the rest of their peers to see. Way to go, Trail Bosses!

2022 Trail Boss Recipients

Wesli Vincent (Food & Beverage), Christopher Nault (Food & Beverage), Ely Minas (Food & Beverage), Michael Shelton (Food & Beverage), Erica Tucker (Food & Beverage), Phillip Sloan (Golf Operations), Tony Haberman (Golf Operations), Darryl Handley (Golf Operations), Ricardo Sanchez (Golf Operations), Ernesto Fernandez (Golf Course Maintenance), Nicholas Menger (Golf Course Maintenance), Dalton Hays (Golf Course Maintenance), Colt Myers (Golf Course Maintenance), Lacey Asher (Family Activities), Regan Mroz (Family Activities),  Meghan Moriarty (Equestrian Center), Jake Panknin (Rod & Gun), Vicki Hansen (Accounting).

Megan Soltis is the Communications & Family Events Manager at The Club of Cordillera ranch. She can be reached at and 830.336.9172.

Q2 Trail Boss Experience

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