Tired of Adulting? Create Your Own Adult Summer Camp!

Tamra Christiansen, Director of Fitness and Wellness

Recently, I had a few hours to hang out on the back porch with my younger son and dog. It was a beautiful day and I decided to pull out a couple of canvas boards and paint. My son and I painted for almost three hours! I felt refreshed, rewarded and rejuvenated. I reminded myself that I need to incorporate creativity and free time more often into my busy life. We have so many fun kids’ summer camps with so many themes and activities … it makes you wish you were a kid again, right? What if you created an adult summer camp? Or even a fun day while the kids are away?

Doing creative things keeps us excited and going strong. These activities can be by yourself or with your friends. May I suggest a planned week of your own “Adult Summer Camp” activities? Here’s what yours might look like:  

Day One  

  Go for a trail walk, jog or run  

  Paddle board on the river or pond 

  Do yoga under a tree to your favorite music 

  Go fishing at Swede Park 

  Finish with a picnic lunch 

Day Two 

  Start your day with a quiet meditation, yoga or a good stretch 

  Grab a pen and paper and use a journal prompt while listening to your favorite playlist 

  Attend an art class 

  Go to your favorite restaurant (or a new one!) 

 Day Three

  Get a group together for a new-to-you class (water boot camp, Pilates, yoga, etc.) 

  Go for a Trail Ride at the Equestrian Center 

  Meet at the pool for a few drinks and some sunshine! 

 Day Four

  Meet friends for a workout or attend a fitness class

  Have breakfast at the Club

  Get a mani-pedi 

  Pick up the kids or grandkids refreshed and ready for the weekend!

There are so many possibilities, right? As I wrote this, I thought of the ladies who do the Cordillerathon and how much variety they have here at Cordillera Ranch. Even if you only have time for one outing here and there, make it happen! Making the most of every day and finding things to look forward to bring out the inner child in us. Your ideas can be free or something you splurge on! The biggest goal is to give your life that vivacious touch to everyday.

At Cordillera Ranch, we have seven Clubs: Golf, Social & Dining, Spa & Athletic, Tennis & Swim, Rod & Gun, River and Equestrian Clubs. Make your adventure come alive by incorporating your favorite sports and activities. Our staff is in love with making your member experience the best of the best, so feel free to request ideas from us to make a spectacular day for you!

Tamra Christiansen is the Fitness and Wellness Director at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. She can be reached at tchristiansen@cordilleraranch.com and 830.336.9184.

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