Things To Do In The Hill Country

things_to_doMany families from around the world choose the mid-summer time frame to visit the Texas Hill Country. Some are visiting to either pick-up or drop off their children for summer camp, some are simply on vacation, and others are even on business, but with an area that has so much to do, there’s no reason to not experience all you can during your visit.  We put together a few of the “must-do” destinations for those that are visiting during this time of year.



The Hill Country has more caves than you might expect. Some are larger than others, but all of them are fascinating. Additionally, with constant cool temperatures year round, they provide a wonderful break from the high temps during the summer months!

Innerspace Cavern


Georgetown, Texas


Natural Bridge Caverns

New Braunfels, Texas


Cascade Caverns

Boerne, Texas


Cave Without a Name

Boerne, Texas



The Hill Country has fast become one of the preeminent destinations for fine art. Several world renowned galleries have opened in our area, and more are coming every day. No matter the medium; from photography to sculpture to acrylics; you are sure to find world class art in the Texas Hill Country.


Texas Treasures Fine Art

Boerne, Texas


JR Mooney Art Galleries

Boerne, Texas


NanEtte Richardson Fine Art

San Antonio, Texas


Bismarck Studios Fine Art


San Antonio, Texas



This area of Texas is now the #2 destination in the world for fine wines, behind only Napa. With a climate and soil structure that is perfectly created for grape production, winemakers from around the world have been setting up their vineyards here, and connoisseurs near and far are taking notice. Take a day and book one of the several companies offering wine tours and experience all that there is to discover.


Hye Texas Wine Tours


Fredericksburg Wine Tours


Hill Country Wine Tours



Sure, we all know that Texas is well known for our BBQ, and maybe the San Antonio area is specifically known for some great Mexican food. However, there’s a lot more to offer! Italian, seafood, German, and so much more is available from a variety of fine dining restaurants. Don’t get bogged down with BBQ every day (although it’s fantastic!); be sure to seek out some fine dining and experience it all.


Little Gretel Restaurant

Boerne, Texas


Welfare Café

Welfare, Texas


August E’s

Fredericksburg, Texas


The Grill at Leon Springs

Leon Springs, Texas

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