The New Performance Center Boosts Golf Instruction at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch


By Bryan Gathright 

Many of our members have noticed the construction of the new Golf Performance Center at the west end of the Practice Park. The project should be completed by early 2019 and will elevate our facility for instruction to one of the very best in the state. The state-of-the-art technology will provide a clear and concise understanding of your swing mechanics and help you improve all facets of your game. The facility was designed by Jim Terrian and the hitting bay interiors and technology layout is at the direction of Tim Cutshall, the industry leader in designing high-tech learning centers.

Cutshall has earned the reputation around the country as “the guy” when it comes to designing these golf instructional facilities, which is why he’s been involved in nearly every one of the high-end club teaching facilities around the U.S. — hundreds of clubs and resorts have relied on his attention to detail in crafting the best experience for members. In fact, Links Magazine has a feature story on Tim in the January 2019 issue, which can be found here: 

Our Golf Performance Center will consist of a two-bay building with each bay having a Flightscope Launch Monitor which provides an innovative combination of 3D Doppler Tracking and image processing. The radar will integrate with camera and video data to provide you the launch angle, spin rate, ball speed, swing speed, carry distance and many more launch characteristics for each shot. Flightscope technology will also improve our club fitting capabilities to get you into the perfect fit for your equipment. Each bay will have a 3-camera system integrated with the launch monitor to provide instant feedback on each shot and help us make simple diagnostics and analysis to develop your custom plan for improvement.

Additionally, we are most excited to announce that we will be one of the few facilities in Texas to offer our membership access to our Swingcatalyst 3D Motion Plate. It is the flagship swing analysis system and provides a unique combination of the state-of-the-art pressure plate technology (Balance Plate) and a highly-advanced force plate. This enables you to study detailed foot pressure data and center-of-pressure patterns. The 3D Motion Plate also provides horizontal and vertical force measurements of the amount of torque and ground reaction forces generated during each swing.  This data is invaluable information for analysis throughout the golf swing as the ground is the source of power and energy in the swing. All 3D data is perfectly synchronized with high-speed video images and Flightscope Launch Monitor technology.

Lastly, considering the phrase, “you drive for show, putt for dough,” we wanted to make sure that putting analysis and teaching are integrated into the design of the facility, so there will be an indoor putting area to refine your stroke in a controlled environment.

All of this incredible technology, combined with instructors with a passion for making you a better player, certainly makes our future in instruction at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch exciting.

Bryan Gathright is the Director of Instruction at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at 210.373.6055 or

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