The New Clubs Website

website1The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch recently partnered with Clubessential to create the new, which invites web visitors and members to experience the wide array of amenities The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch has to offer.

Clubessential worked closely with the Cordillera Ranch team to discuss the brand image the new website should convey, map out the desired outcomes, and lay out a game plan for bringing all of the ideas to life. The result was a complete overhaul of the previous website and an elevated web presence which improves member and guest engagement.
A few of the primary reasons the Club decided to design a new website was to better engage our members in a mobile platform, give our members access to real time statements and to use best management practices when communicating to our membership on programs and events at the Club. Engaged members are the key to success in the private club industry. Members that actively participate in life at their club generate greater use of the club and they become a club’s most effective source of new members when they encourage their friends to join. Clubessential also offers many levels of interactive technology and services which will give our staff and members room to grow in the future.

website2“We struggle with reservations. But now that we have an online reservations system in place, members are no longer forced to call to join an event — they can do so right from the palm of their hands using their mobile devices. We’ve seen an increase in the number of reservations,” said Manny Ortiz, Food & Beverage Director.
Additionally, the new online tools are helping the Accounting Department at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. The communication feature allows our Accounting Department to schedule emails which are automatically sent to members with their statements and allows online payments, which saves our Accounting Department time and enables them to work more efficiently.
As with any change in technology, there have been a few bumps in the road. Overall, our members have responded well and are utilizing the new website. One feature that requires action from the member is the Directory. Members must login to the website to update their profile and choose whether they are listed on the Club Membership Directory.

We encourage all members and prospective members to login to the new to experience all that The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch has to offer.

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