Unlimited Fun – The Equestrian Center

On any given day at the Cordillera Ranch Equestrian Center, you will find a lot of activity. The center experienced tremendous growth in 2018 in both the boardingoperation and programming.

By Shane Reynolds  ::  Photography by Kelsey Guzman

We recently hired Veronica Harz as the new Equestrian Center Manager. Our former manager, Katy Burbank, has moved into a new position as Event Coordinator where she will focus her time on programming and teaching — her true passion. Veronica brings a wealth of lifelong experiences with horses to the barn and she is excited to take the operation to the next level.

Veronica has been at Cordillera Ranch since last March and she has enjoyed seeing the members she teaches grow in their riding and their passion for horses. She hopes to pass along knowledge to anyone who wants to learn. She has been around horses her entire life and still learns something new about them every day. She believes if you are not learning then you are not living. Veronica’s primary goals are to help the Equestrian Center continue its growth spurt while managing the business and establishing a place where members can come relax, be with their horses and continue great friendships!

We have seen amazing friendships kindled at the barn. As the boarding operation has doubled over the past two years, we simply have more and more members spending longer amounts of time with their horses and other members. Last year we built a new tack room for boarders and it’s great to see everyone enjoying the facility. 

Since Cordillera Ranch’s earliest beginnings, horses have been an important part of life on the ranch. Today, you’ll find horses grazing on dozens of lots and we have over 40 horses we care for at the Equestrian Center. A ride across the ranch will take you from the west end down to Spring Creek or you can ride all the way to Swede Creek Park at the Guadalupe River. With a setting this beautiful, it’s no wonder so many owners are drawn to riding for the first time when they join the Cordillera Ranch community.

Whether you have a horse or want to ride one of our own, Cordillera Ranch has everything needed to make your equestrian experience unforgettable. For horse owners, we offer stall or pasture boarding, and our Equestrian Center staff are passionate about taking exceptional care of our members’ horses. For the occasional rider or children looking to learn, the center has plenty of horses on hand — and even ponies for young riders — for trail rides, lessons or an introduction to the sport. Summer equestrian camps as well as holiday camps are also offered for children. With daily activities based on participants’ riding experiences, the camps range from lessons on horseback to mounted games and trail rides. 

Our Equestrian Center consists of stalls, pastures and paddocks, a large arena and covered round pen. The facility is also equipped with a spacious climate-controlled tack room, hot/cold wash rack and a lounge. 

Each year the Equestrian Center at Cordillera Ranch hosts a variety of activities for members and their families, including clinics, group trail rides — both on and off property — and holiday celebrations. A variety of more specialized instruction is also available through access to periodic clinics by offsite trainers.

For detailed information about the Equestrian Center, please contact Veronica Harz, Equestrian Center Manager, at 830.392.6970.

Shane Reynolds is the Director of Recreation at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at outfitter@cordilleraranch.com or 210.616.6051.


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